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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Day 30 - The end of the 30DC but not the end of Bags of Love

now you see them....
now you don't - but who's got one??
Wow. I can't quite believe it is now the 30 May and the end of the 30 Day Challenge. I must say Its been an amazing experience and I've totally enjoyed it. I know I wouldn't have gotten this far without being part of it. 

I've learnt so much. 

So I'd really like to thank John and Selina for creating the community in the first place where I felt supported to bring my idea to life and to all the fellow 30DCers who have given me such fantastic feedback and support - THANK YOU and of course a huge thank you to everyone who took a bag and sent me a photo! I've really loved getting those and reading your emails.

It makes me so happy ;-) And of course to Bristol Textile Recyclers who donated the first batch of shirts so I could make it happen.

Soo is this the end of  'bags of love?'...
I don't think so! It's just the beginning...

I've had such fantastic responses that I'm now making my bags and they will be for sale. So if you weren't lucky enough to find one you can still get your hands on one. I'll continue with the numbering as each is unique (and I like that!). I'll also still like to see where my bags end up so would still like to get photos. Where's the furthest one will go???

Have set up a Folksy shop - but need to make some more bags to put on there now...;-)

I am also looking at scaling this project up so it can be done in different towns and countries. 

One day there will be a 'bag of love' in every part of the world!! (ooh think I'm getting a bit carried away now!!). But then you've got to dream! I must admit I'm so excited about it all. 

So watch this space....and make sure you...DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!!

Bye for now (and see you at the picnic on Saturday!)

Morwhenna aka 'bags of love'

p.s Here's the latest pic I've received - and hopefully not the last! Maria said "you really put a smile on my face!!!!!" which was exactly what I'd written I'd hoped would happen at the very start of this project...

Maria with her bag no.19
Selina with the first sold 'bags of love bag'

and in fact...I have sold my first bag already - to Selina no less!!  ;-)

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  1. Morwhenna - you have been such an inspiration over the past 30 days. I've loved seeing your project play out and it's so exciting to see it become such a success. All the best for your next adventure and hope to see you around on 'play to win' x