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Friday 25 July 2014

How can having a Dream Car help YOU?

What's YOUR Dream Car for your Journey? +BONUS Podcast

If you could have ANY car in the world, what would you choose?

(You can play this game even if you don’t drive – stick with me and read on…)

Over the weekend I went to a classic & super car show at Sherborne Castle in Dorset. I actually really enjoyed it! I wasn't sure if I would, but it was a lot of fun ;-). My fella is a bit of a car buff you see.

I started off seeing one car I liked and by the end of the day had a list of FIVE!

Looking at my choices I realised they had a few things in common....
  • They were convertibles  
  • Were either a bright colour – or classic Cream (with red leather interior! Nice)
  • They looked FUN
  • Had beautiful organic curvy shapes
  • All had personality
  • They were unique (limited runs etc)
  • Were ridiculously expensive!
Even though I thought these cars were beautiful and I could totally see myself driving them along a coastal road somewhere glamorous wearing a headscarf just like Grace Kelly, I actually had no desire to actually own one!

Talking to a few of the owners they don’t actually drive them much or go on long road trips along coastal roads as I’d been busy fantasizing about – as they are SO expensive they had a fear of them getting damaged.

Hmmm I thought. That actually made me feel rather sad, surely you’d want to ENJOY the full experience of these beautiful cars? Not just LOOK at them?

Mulling on this I hit on an idea. Ah-Ha! I can totally have these cars but as vehicles I can use during visualisations!  How fun would it be to be able to call upon one of those cars to help take me on a journey??

PLUS For these visualisations the added benefit would be the car would drive itself - I don’t actually like driving that much – so I can watch the scenery and see what I notice.

So I've created a Dream Car Journey Visualisation for you and you can download it at the bottom of this post. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you wherever you are on your journey.

And when (positive thinking) the opportunity presents itself to borrow one of these cars, I wouldn't turn that down!! I’ve always quite fancied travelling around Scotland in an old Mercedes convertible you know…

So if you could choose ANY CAR at all in the world – what would you choose?? And what do you think that car says about you?

Here's to Creative Adventures!

Love Morwhenna xx

Here’s my list of Dream Cars from that show

Bright Yellow Ginetta G33 (I’d never come across this make before)

Cream Austin Healy with red leather interior!

Cream / Blue Cobra

Cream E-Type Jag

Millennium Falcon (ok not strictly a car – but heck how cool would that be!! I even found a Haynes manual for it...;-0


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Friday 18 July 2014

MOtivate ME! 10 tips to stay motivated!

Do you struggle to stay motivated sometimes? I do.  

I've been feeling a bit slug like recently, no not slimy! Rather a bit slow, and you know 'sluggish' on getting things done - so I've been revisiting the things I do to get moving again. I've put together my top 10 to share with you.

You can’t force it though. But you can encourage it. ;-)

Sometimes one will work – other times I’ll need to do a combination. Pic n’ Mix!

1.    MOOD
My motivation levels totally depend on my frame of mind. How about you? Being aware of your optimum moods is super helpful. Notice when you are able to get SOOOO much done? Yet other days you can barely lift your head? Start to notice what’s been going on when you feel like this. And notice what situation or comments changes your mood and in turn boost your motivation levels? Keep a journal over a week to note down these moments.

2.    FUN
Make it FUN! There needs to be an element of FUN to my tasks for me to stay motivated. If things are too serious or dry I lose interest pretty quickly. Try things like - Putting on some music to dance to as you work {I’m a Funk Music Fan} how quickly can you complete a task, can you do it with someone else?

3.    BUDDY UP
Having a study Buddy or Accountability partner is really helpful. This can either be one person or in a group setting (e.g  Facebook groups) Who can you partner up with?

Hang up the go compare boots and focus on proving you can do it and impressing yourself. Don’t do things just to impress others. Do what makes you feel good and you’ll feel more motivated to do it. 

If you’re feeling flat – your energy levels are going to be pretty low and things aren’t flowing as they should. Try out this energy boosting move. Stand up and shake out your body. Legs arms shoulders – really let your body move and dictate what needs shaking out.  As you shake out say – out with the negative energy that’s keeping me flat and unmotivated!  Once you feel you’ve shaken all that out. Visualise you are standing on a massive golden ball that is buzzing with positive energy. 

Use your hands to drawn up that energy into your body feeling it energize you from the feet up. Keep drawing the energy up, up your arms, your chest, your head, until you are completely filled with golden energy and you can feel your body tingling. When you feel full up. Thank the universe for the energy boost and step off the golden ball. This is VERY energizing so best done in the morning or early afternoon than bed time. 

6.    REWARD
Reward yourself when you've achieved a milestone towards one of your goals. Decide before hand what your reward will be. Then once you've reached that part of your goal – make sure you remember to claim that reward. It can be anything from a punnet of fresh fruits (hmmm cherries!), new nail varnish, a new book – whatever – it doesn't have to be something big or expensive. 

Who inspires you? TED talks, Marie Forleo Interviews, Laura Hollick, Jonathan Fields – these are just a few of the people I’ll turn to if nothing else is working and I need an inspiration fix. Put together an INSPIRE ME RESOURCE LIBRARY of your own. 

Get OUTSIDE! Go for a walk. If your are self-employed – change where you work for a day/afternoon. See how being in a new environment can motivate you.

If I don’t have a deadline I tend to ‘float about.’ Set realistic deadlines. Check in with yourself as to how these are working for you. If things aren't challenging enough – it’s likely that you’ll soon get bored and lose interest. Same applies if things are TOO challenging. 

Visualise yourself in the future and consider how things will be for you if you DON’T do these things that you REALLY want to do. How does that feel? Now do the same but visualise yourself having COMPLETED and ACHIEVED these goals and compare how you feel now. Are you feeling GOOD? Are you feeling MOTIVATED? Journal about this.

ONE MORE THINGTap in to that feeling you get once your accomplished one of your tasks. How does that feel? Do you feel happy, satisfied, energised, do you notice that once you’ve done it you are now free to move on to the next thing? Do you feel lighter? Does your mind feel calmer? Feel more confident? 

Jot down all the positive aspects to completing a task.  Keep these somewhere you can see them so next time you hit a wall – you can refer to this list.

Do you already do these things yourself? What other tips can you share on staying motivated?  Would love to hear what works for you.  


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Monday 14 July 2014

Do YOU need a pep-up with a Project? Brainstorm with ME!

Brainstorming Sessions

  • Are YOU self-employed and miss having colleagues to brainstorm with?
  • Are you a freelancer looking for some fresh ideas for a project you are working on?
  • Are you working on a personal project and need an injection of inspiration?

Then I can help you

Tap into my creative mind by booking a quick fire brainstorming session with me. 

I can help you with:

  • Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! My brain never stops buzzing with ideas
  • Getting down a whole host of options for your project
  • Fun and effective marketing ideas to spread your message and grow your business
  • Innovative ways to engage people and communities
  • Ideas to make your project sing!
  • Get you out of a rut by inviting in new and exciting ways to look at what you are doing, what you want to create and how you can do it.
  • I guarantee you’ll feel energised after our session and raring to GO!

Here’s what some folks I've worked with so far have to say about me and how I’ve helped them.

Morwhenna is magic. Within minutes of talking to me during our brainstorming session she had me pinned and suggested something that at the time I dismissed out of hand, but days, weeks and months later I realised was spot on.

She talked me out of the limiting corner I had put myself in and re-opened my thinking in ways I had never imagined. She started a ball rolling that is changing my life for the better in ways I had all but stopped believing were possible. Thank you Morwhenna. X

LAURA BENNETT  - Escape Artist's Business Buddy


I think your ability to generate ideas is amazing!

JAIMIE MACDONALD – Made Curious Coach 


Morwhenna helped me to come up with some marketing ideas for a couple of travel businesses. She suggested an incredible number of creative but practical ideas in a very short space of time. I ended up implementing some of them for one particular client with great success.



Brainstorming doesn't come naturally to me so Morwhenna talked me through a brainstorming session. I'm really excited about the ideas that we generated and even more excited about knowing how to brainstorm by myself!



For July & August you can book a 30 minute Brainstorming session for £30 / $52 / 38 euros This is a special SUMMER SAUCE offer which ends on Friday 29 August. 

I have a limited number of sessions available – so if you’d like a slice of my creative mind and some stellar ideas make a booking today!

Sessions are available on the following days & times (BST) throughout JULY & AUGUST

MONDAY  - 10.00 – 11.30 – 14.00 – 19.00
TUESDAY - 10.00 – 11.30 – 15.00
THURSDAY - 10.00 – 11.30 – 14.00 

Any questions?

Drop me an email and I’ll get right back to you!

REALLY *excited* and looking forward to helping you with a creative BOOST!

How will the session work?

When you book your slot, give me an outline about what you need help with.  
The session will be tailored to what YOU needI appreciate everyone has a different way of working so we’ll work together and get the most out of the session for you.  There will be a quick re-cap at the start to clarify what you need help with and then we will start brainstorming! 

The aim is to create as MANY different and varied ideas and solutions to your issue/challenge as possible. Anything goes in these sessions. We'll look at the actual practicalities towards the end of the session.

At the end of the session we will run through all the ideas and highlight which ideas/solutions appeal to you right now to take action on.

You’ll receive a copy of everything that came up during the session. This will be as a PDF which will include an image of the mind-map we've created as well as any additional notes/thoughts and a list of the ideas/solutions you most connected to and want to take action on.

I will also add some extra notes of things to consider around the ideas that you selected as ones you are most keen to pursue now.  

One week after our session I'll send you a follow up email to see how you are getting on and if you need any further creative boosts.


I also offer follow up sessions and if you need specific help – like getting around blocks to you getting your stuff done – I can support you by coaching or if you want more hands on project help – such as marketing planning, social media, Image/logo creation – let me know and we can discuss how I can help you further.  

Look forward to working with you!



To book your session* simply click on the button below and you'll be taken to a diary page where you can choose your preferred time slot.  

I'll be in touch with a link to my paypal account to so you can easily pay for your session without any fuss. You don't even need a paypal account to pay with this method. Once I've received your payment we are all set and ready to rock! 

I look forward to working with you!

*These session will be done over skype unless agreed otherwise.

Sessions are available on the following days & times (UK - USA times in brackets)

Weekly for JULY & AUGUST

MONDAY  - 10.00 (05.00) – 11.30 (06.30) – 14.00 (09.00)– 19.00 (14.00)
TUESDAY - 10.00 (05.00) – 11.30 (06.30) – 15.00 (10.00)
THURSDAY - 10.00 (05.00) – 11.30 (06.30) – 14.00 (09.00)

Friday 11 July 2014

What would Dolly do?

Sometimes you just gotta channel your inner Dolly Parton...!

Since getting back from my six week trip to Thailand I’ve found it hard to get back into the swing of things. Not really surprising as I’d immersed myself in another culture and worked with a whole host of different people during that time.  It was an amazing experience and to think it took me three years to actually go and do it!

So what does Dolly have to do with this? And Dolly Parton in particular?

Let me explain…

I watched her Glastonbury set on TV and was blown away by her energy and her kindness of heart. She’s was also a lot of fun and as I've discovered a pretty hard working and smart business woman. PLUS she looks pretty darn amazing for 68, doesn't take herself too seriously and always stays true to herself.

I think she’s pretty cool.

So this got me thinking.

Dolly’s pretty smart and a no nonsense kinda gal so maybe Dolly can help if we’re feeling a bit, you know, stuck?  

I’m not suggesting avoiding making your own decision or ‘but Dolly Told me to do it’ kinda thing so not taking responsibility - nah that’s a bit crazy. Rather use this as a game to get your mind to free up a bit and get playful!  Right on Partner!

PS you don’t have to have a blond wig to hand or a rhinestone jumpsuit either…Unless you fancy that of course…And guys – this works for you too!

So want to give it a try? Here goes:

  • Have a think about one issue you are facing at the moment
  • Grab a piece of paper and write down your issue
  • Ask yourself – What would Dolly Do?
  • Stick on some Dolly Parton music (One of my faves is 9-5!)
  • Move about (if you are called to do so!) FEELS GOOD!
  • As words/ images start to flow jot/draw these on your sheet of paper. Don’t think too much about what comes to mind – just get it down. Go crazy! Like Dolly’s outfits. No limits!
  • At the end of the song stop and take a few moments to settle yourself.
  • Want to carry on? Pick another track and keep going. Stop when you feel you've got everything out of your head (we're tapping into your sub-conscious mind you see)
  • Then take a look at your sheet of paper.
  • Does anything jump out at you?

Use this as your starting point to find creative ways to help you with your current issue.

You can re-do this exercise as many times as you want to really drill down on your ideas for ways to face your current challenge.

Then create your own action plan with small steps to help you move forward. YES! 

Then - TAKE ACTION! *important bit

Let me know how you get on - either reply to this email or share your experience over in The Creative Adventurers Playground!* How did it work for you?

Here's to Creative Adventures & THANK YOU Dolly! 


Morwhenna xxx

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