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A project celebrating turning 40 by completing the 40 things on my list below. 

This project started on 23 November 2014 when I turned 40! 

*UPDATE* I'm extending this project to be completed in my 40s - CLICK here's why CLICK

It was a challenge itself to get the list down to 40.

I’d love to do these things with others – do you have the same item on your list – why don’t we do it together? Or can you help me make it happen? 

Here’s to an exciting year of being 40!

*Drum Roll Please*

In no particular order!
  1. Brecons to Morwenstow Pilgrimage –(cycling, boat, walking & maybe donkey!) COMPLETED! Wow what an adventure it was!
  2. Have a special 'Creative Adventurer' cocktail created for me by a famous mixologist - DONE! Created by Gary and Orlando on Burgh Island 22 November (ok so a day early!) There is video evidence!
  3. Swim with Dolphins 
  4. Take part in and experience The Burning Man Festival 
  5. DJ at an event
  6. Have blue hair - YES! And you can read about that HERE
  7. Go Skinny Dipping at a Wild swimming location – pref with a waterfall! - DONE at 2 mins past midnight in the Mermaid Pool at Burgh Island. So on the morning of my birthday then back to the bar for a celebratory drink! No waterfall thou.
  8. 40 Faces Project – find 40 women all born on the 23 November 1974 from around the world and create a collaborative artwork 
  9. Take Part in the Sketchbook Project – REGISTERED on 05 March!
  10. Appear on Dr. Who
  11. Go to the Secret Garden Party Festival - Agh the last one ever is this year (2017) and I can't go as I'll be on Caldey Island!
  12. Do a handstand
  13. Go up in a hot air balloon! Read about that here
  14. Go to at least one Celtic celebration – Beltane, Solstice at Stonehenge , Samhain or Imbolc 
  15. Learn to play a song on the guitar
  16. Hunt for razor clams on the beach then cook up what we catch
  17. Have dinner at The Tree Chimneys Restaurant on The Isle of Skye
  18. Go to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival – (takes place all of August)
  19. Have an exhibition
  20. Stay on Lundy Island YES Completed in May!
  21. See Puffins on an island off the coast of the UK - TICK Puffins Galore on Skomer Island 23-25 May
  22. Have a pint with Danny Wallace. His books have caused many laugh out loud moments and I just love what he gets up to! - YES Completed Saturday 26 September
  23. Go on a Game show! (shame Supermarket Sweep is no longer running!)
  24. Stay at Burgh Island – – DONE! Here on my Birthday! Whoop! 21-23 Nov 2014
  25. Recreate my Do What You Love Bags project in another city. Where? TBC!
  26. Spend 2 weeks min as an Artist in Residence 
  27. Host a party! A 1930 style speakeasy 
  28. Have my portrait painted
  29. Have some red leather shoes handmade for me
  30. Firewalk! Registered to do this in November for Penny Brohn Cancer Care! YIKES! Pls will you sponsor us? - Completed 13 November
  31. Climb Snowdon - The highest mountain in Wales
  32. Trampoline in a cave– at Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog!
  33. Create a wishing Bird tree  - A community art installation in a local woodland
  34. Have a theme tune written for me (hee hee)
  35. Appear in a national magazine - YES and so chuffed with the result!
  36. See a play at The Globe Theatre in London
  37. Go to Legoland!
  38. Have a fantasy photoshoot (Annie Lebovitz style)
  39. Take my Figaro Henry, to a Figaro Car Event
  40. Go at high speed on a Bobsled!

Me getting into mischief..!


  1. Hi Morwhenna, I'd like to paint your portrait. I see it's on your list. Just for fun. What do you say?

  2. I'd love to appear on Dr Who as well! That would be amazing.

  3. Oh your list is brilliant Morwhenna! Fantastic fun stuff. I think I could do the Secret Garden Party and the Sketchbook Project (obviously!) without too much trouble. And a pint with Danny Wallace would be amazing because he's a comedy writing hero of mine and he's inspired the book I'm working on. We should talk about that one. I think he goes to a 'Join Me' reunion once a year in a pub in London. The Burning Man Festival would be incredible if I can afford to do it; I'd need to know more about it. How are you getting on finding women turning 40 on the same day as you?

    1. AWESOME! ooh so excited Richard that you'd like to do those! I've just joined the 'Join Me' Forum to see if there is a meet-up next year - so YES we need to talk about this and make plans. Hee hee and at the moment I have no idea how to even get Burning Man tickets - so that in itself is all an adventure. I'll let you know what I know and I've signed up to their newsletter and discovered there is a Bristol meet up group!

      No luck yet with finding other women turning 40 same day as me yet!

    2. Send out a post advertising this and set privacy to open to all and let your FB friends share it. Dorothy
      Just had to laugh at myself - I thought the blue button said 'Rubbish' and couldn't find the publish button. Oh time to go to bed....

  4. I would love to do the Globe, and Legoland (eveything is awesoooome!!) and Burning man (if I can). You could do your Do What You Love thing in Bournemouth and I could help!

    1. Hee hee yes Everything is Awesome!! BRILLIANT lets plan!

  5. Puffins…yes! Sketchbook challenge …yes! Snowdonia …yes!
    Envy for your treat at Burgh Island … have a great time!

    1. Off a Puffining we are going Rhian!! Whoop Whoop Lundy Here we come!

  6. May I join you at The Globe please? Been meaning to go for ages as a friend keeps telling me how wonderful it is. And Legoland would be fun! What sort of exhibition are you thinking of doing?

    1. YES Michi that would be wonderful! Exhibition wise I'm not really sure yet - I think it could come out of some of the other things on my list. Any ideas welcome!