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Friday 30 January 2015

Simple Pleasures

Today is the first time I've felt able to take my doggie out for a walk since hurting my back recently, caused I believe, from a mix of over zealous hula hooping and getting stuck on a style too high for me! 

The sun was bright, the sky blue and the air crisp and cool. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees creating an orchestra of eerie yet comforting musical notes. 

It felt WONDERFUL. I'd missed it.

We didn't go far as the fields around me are rather boggy after all the rain we've been having, plus I didn't relish the thought of being pulled over in the mud by an over exuberant puppy! (this has happened)

It was a JOY. Pure and simple as that and it really set me up for the day.

As for the rest of today I'll be inviting in the rest of the wonderful people who will be joining the Mini Doodleicious Exploration which starts on Sunday. If this speaks to you, you can join us by clicking on this link. There are just a few tickets left. 

Friday nights have started to become Curry Night in our house so tonight I'm going to be making Murgh tikka makhani from Floyds India. A gift of a cook book actually from my sister after spending time travelling around India in my ooh lets think - how old was I then? Must have been in my 20s! I'd love to revisit India and stay on a house boat in Kerala....

How about you - what are you up to today and what simple pleasures are you enjoying?

On the menu tonight....
I love hearing from you so let me know your thoughts ;-)

Have a GREAT weekend!


Thursday 29 January 2015

Why bother doodling?

Why indeed. 

If you are already an avid doodler then you'll know the answer. If you are not or you are looking for a fun and easy way to re-ignite your creative spark - then I've got the match.

This Sunday 01 February I’m running the next Mini Doodleicious Exploration and wanted to let you know there are still some tickets available to join in the fun. And I promise it is lots of fun!

I also wondered if you’d been thinking any of the following things…

1) Why bother doodling? It’s a waste of time. Time I have little of already trying to fit in all the things I want to do!

2) What a course about doodling! I know how to doodle – why would I need to learn this? (this is actually what my step-mum said when I was chatting to her about my upcoming courses and what I’m up to)

My response to these two questions is – I don’t teach you how to doodle, you’ll have your own doodling style. It’s much more about how you can use doodling as part of your wellbeing toolkit. Yes I have some different games and techniques to share with you, but you'll still do these in your own way. There is no right or wrong with doodling. Its very freeing. 

The simple act of Doodling can help with all manner of things such as improving focus, expanding your imagination, kick starting your creativity, helping you to get ‘un-stuck’ with a problem, using it as a meditation and evidence now suggests that by being creative you are also developing new brain cells. [there is research to back this up. A study conducted in 2006 by George Washington Centre of Aging, health & Humanities called Creativity & Aging.]

This to me is VERY exciting. And as I discovered on the course I ran last year – allowing yourself to doodle – to have permission for it not to be perfect and how it actually helped some of my lovely doodlers overcome a fear of drawing. It was pretty epic! Plus it’s FUN!

[Serious bit coming up] I use doodling for all kinds of reasons. I suffer from bouts of depression and can go from feeling as happy and bouncy as a lamb to being stuck down the dark recesses of a rabbit warren with no visible means of escape. Over the years I've learnt to recognise this much more clearly and am able to call on the different tools in my kit bag to stop me slipping too far down that rabbit hole. I know what it’s like in there and I don’t want to be back in that space. 

Hope this isn't all sounding too dramatic for you! Personally I've found that using different doodling techniques and games has helped me no end and one of the things about this mini exploration is if you’re feeling a bit down it helps lift you up. There is no pressure about the doodle having to look or be a certain way. It isn't meant to be a perfect representation of anything really. p.s I'm a coach, encourager and creative adventurer and have been through some sh*t but I'm not a therapist! [end of serious bit]

So if this is something that appeals to you and you’d like to see how doodling could help you – Come and join in the fun! You might just surprise yourself! 

OR if you are thinking – ooh I bet my friend….[fill in the  gap] would love this and so would my sister/brother/auntie…you get the idea! Please do share the details with them. Use the share buttons at the bottom of this post.

Share it with whoever you think would benefit. I’m all about sharing ways to re-discover or un-cover your creativity for a richer and juicer life.  I basically want to help as many people as I can and am on a bit of a Creativity Mission so can you help me by sharing about the Doodleicious-ness far and wide? A heart felt thank you to you. 

What have previous Doodleicious Explorers got to say about it?

Here’s a few of the lovely things past Doodlers have said on this Mini Exploration:
When I asked my lovely doodle explorers what did you enjoy most about this exploration? Some said:
  • Looking forward to each day's challenge and wondering what fun task it will be.
  • Knowing that a doodle doesn't have to take long and doesn't have to be perfect.
  • Permission to try doodling!
  • It's just been great fun. It's interesting to see other people's ideas and I haven't felt that my efforts were inferior even though technically some of them really were!
Some other lovely things...including a super film done by one doodler!

“The moment I saw this course advertised I thought Yes! That will be fun, that will loosen me up, it's a bargain. I was not disappointed. It's been a brilliant challenge full of laughs and surprises, so well done!” Mina Sassoon - Mindfulness Teacher

"It's quite meditative and revelatory, not necessarily both at the same time. I'm really enjoying the course!" - Clare Barry

If you want to see Richard's finished BIG doodle go here. NOTE no drawing skills are actually required for this doodle adventure! ;-)

And last but not least Jayne Dennett-Lewis shared 3 things she’d discovered on our Doodleicious journey: 

1. Doodling is more fun in colour, the brighter the better! 
2. Doodling can help me focus & concentrate or it can totally distract me & help me relax - both can be useful!
3. I am more creative than I thought, despite my lack of talent in some areas! 

For the full low down on the Mini Doodleicious Exploration and how to sign up for the cheeky price of £18 (includes a tree planting)– make your way over the Doodle Page!

Doodly Yours


Tuesday 27 January 2015

From Brown to Blue. No.6 on my 40/40 Project - Have Blue Hair

Yikes - I really am going to have blue hair...
Yes. I can officially say I have blue hair. Not a blue rise either. Full on. Blue!

It took two visits to the hairdresser, two different brands as the first ones didn't take, over 8 hours and a zillion cups of tea and hot chocolate to achieve it. I hadn't expected that. 

I also hadn’t expected I’d end up with blue ears like an elf or that I’d have to put a towel over my pillow case to stop ending up with a blue pillow. In fact for a good few weeks afterwards everything that came near me ended up becoming blue. Kinda like King Midas…but blue obviously rather than gold. 

Before heading off for my magical Burgh Island Birthday I booked myself in to get the Blue hair treatment. I wanted to have Blue hair for my Speakeasy Party that I was having the following weekend.

The colours were all chosen and I’d been talking to Ellie my fabulous hairdresser at The Strand about the best way to do it and what kind of effect I was after. Ellie also happens to share the same Birthday as me. Although she is 20 years younger…;-)

I arrived excited and nervous about to have my hair transformed. I used to dye my hair a lot when I was younger – I can remember trying to dye it blue myself when I was about 16, so in fact it has been a long desired look. 

Needless to say some looks worked and some didn’t – like the time I dyed my hair black and it was so shiny it looked like a wig to trying to bleach it myself, it turning orange and looking like a traffic light… So I was no stranger to having my hair a different colour. This time though I wanted it done by someone who knew what they were doing!

From Brown to Blue . Thank you Ellie at The Strand. Ellie shares my birthday - although not the same year!
Two days, two different brands of hair dye and many hours later I finally had Blue Hair! Hurrah!

As the bleach took effect my hair started to turn orange. I called this my Vivienne Westwood moment. The bleach was the part I was least looking forward to. Previous experience with bleaching my hair had left me with a dry candyfloss look. Not something I was keen to repeat. Thankfully Ellie was very aware of this and so made sure it only stayed on the minimum it was needed. It was nowhere near as bad as I expected and my hair remained soft. Great I thought. This is going to be ok.

Next step was to apply the crazy colours. I opted for three in the end so there would be some flashes of pink and purple to break up the blue. I also had the under half of my hair dyed a lovely dark brown, so only half my hair was actually going to be coloured. 

On went the colour

*sharp intake of breathe and a giggle* I was enjoying myself.

Issued with a good selection of magazines the colours were left on for around 45 mins (if I remember rightly).

Then drum roll it was time!

I was excited

To keep the colour in they would only rise out the dye and not shampoo it at this stage. As turns out these Crazy colours don’t actually last that long...

The warm water washed away the excess dye and I waited in anticipation as to what it would look like.


It was disappointing

It hadn't worked

It was a kind of green colour


I felt rather deflated

The Crazy Colours didn't turn out as expected

Ellie was in shock and couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. The purple hadn't taken at all and was brown, the pink was barely there and the blue? Well it was more of a green. I hadn't planned on being an extra in Wicked…

"Don’t panic – said Ellie. We will fix it" (as in the words of the mice in Bagpuss) I had every belief that they would. I was sent home wearing a shower cap to see if putting the dye back on and leaving it in would make any difference and instructed to come back the following day for Part two with a different product. 

This time using RUSK a french brand. It looked a much richer colour and was a more permanent colour. I decided to just go all blue at this point so abandoned the use of any other highlight colours.

Back into the chair I went. Once again loaded with magazines and supplied with wonderful hot chocolate. They really look after you at this place. 

My fingers were crossed I’d get the colour I was looking for and also that I wouldn’t look like a complete idiot. I don’t consider myself particularly ‘cool’ and hated the thought of looking like someone who is trying to be cool. Hang on I’m 40 not am I not supposed to give a Fu*k about that kind of thing anymore…??

Any way…

Sometime later…

Off came the dye…And

RESULT it was BLUE!!!

Hurrah I was happy!

Yes very pleased indeed!

Peeps have been asking me if I'll keep my hair blue now for the year. I did think about it but to be honest the upkeep and the thought of having blue ears again just isn't that appealing!

How about you? Is there something daring you've wanted to do for a long time but have been putting it off? Love to hear from you

How my blue hair looked on Christmas day...Still blue although going slightly green and roots are starting to show. I still like it though. Looking more mermaid-ish by the day!

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Up Piriformis

Right now I have Piriformis Syndrome and it hurts. 

If you’ve ever had sciatica then you’ll know what it’s like as this is a very similar experience. 

I quote the spine health site:

“Piriformis syndrome is a condition in which the piriformis muscle, located in the buttock region, spasms and causes buttock pain. The piriformis muscle can also irritate the nearby sciatic nerve and cause pain, numbness and tingling along the back of the leg and into the foot (similar to sciatic pain).” 

They even have a very interesting animated film about what it is should you wish to know more! This basically means moving is painful, sitting for too long is painful, standing too long is painful…see where I’m going with this!

I’m *trying* to see the positives in this and work with it. Easier said than done!
I have had this before so knew what it was when the paint started, but this time around I am still trying to figure out exactly what I was doing that caused it. 

Was it...

A) Trying to get over a style that was too high for me. Getting stuck half way and having to inch myself over by actually pulling my left leg over so twisting myself into an unusual shape

B) Excessive and exuberant hula hooping.  Since getting my hula hoop on 31 Dec I’d been hooping daily.

C) Me realising I’m like a Hare and wanting to be more Tortoise – Universe took it literally and turned me into a tortoise by physically slowing me down. Not quite what I meant.

D) Something I've done that I don’t remember...!

E) A combination of all of the above?

According to Dave my Osteopath – he thinks it is a combination of all of these things and as a result I've also trapped some vertebrae in my spine. My treatment yesterday nearly had me screaming the place down. I resorted to fast breathing instead which sounded rather comical, so then started to laugh - which, yep you've guessed it hurt! Gah! 

I've been taking painkillers (which I try to avoid taking at all costs usually) am doing my piriformis stretches, applying heat treatment (read as hot water bottle strapped to my back – erm rather like a shell!!) and trying to take it easy and not overdo it. I know it will get better. I just need to let it and not rush it. 

It’s only when this strikes do I appreciate how mobile I usually am even with the restricted movement and limp I have as a result of the stroke when I was 12. 

I've also realised as I can’t sit in the same position for long or stand for long I’m being much more selective about the things I’m getting done. So in a funny way it is helping to focus my mind (not that I’d suggest this as a way to achieve focus!) It has also meant I've got some things done that I’d been putting off. As I work from home this also means I’m thankful to be able to structure my day around this so I can still run brainstorming and coaching sessions. Hurrah!!

And when Mr CA comes home I’m being very well looked after. The Puppy and Timmy Cat are also doing their bit, well trying…I read somewhere that a cats purr can heal bones?? Maybe I need to strap Timmy to my back rather that the hottie bottie. Now there’s a picture…!

All blessings in disguise? I’m thinking so. Whilst that doesn't take the pain away writing this has made me realise that I am still being productive and maybe in a more ‘tortoise like way.’  So in effect I got my wish, not quite as I'd expected though. Note to self - Be more careful what I wish for!

Right time to go and rest with the hot water bottle for 15 minutes…

Whatever situation you are I right now – can you look at it from ‘outside’ and can you see any little gems of usefulness? You might need to dig deep.

Monday 12 January 2015

Join me for a Mini Doodleicious Exploration

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE!! Starts 01 February
After the success of this Mini Exploration last year - I'm running it again!


Can Doodling Change You Life?

Yes, I think it can. 

Doodling isn't a dirty word or a waste of time as mounting research shows how beneficial it actually is for us. From helping us to relax and reduce stress to being more focused and retain more information by improving memory. Bet you weren't expecting that were you!?

I’d say that’s pretty darn cool and useful – wouldn't you? And even if you aren't a doodler –it’s never too late to start. 

I've been taking my doodles to the next level and using them specifically to gain insights into challenges I’m facing by using a technique I've created and developed which really gets right to my subconscious mind – totally bypassing my mind chatter. It's helped me on so many levels and I'd now like to share this with you. See it as a tool you can add to your well-being toolkit.

I also use it as a form of mediation as it really helps me to totally relax and to relieve pressure. 

I also find with my doodling technique a story unfolds. I've been using this particular doodling technique for a while now and I guess you could call it Intuitive Doodling.

The NEXT Mini Doodleicious Course starts on 01 February. Would love to have you join me!

The 14 day in-depth experience and greater personal insights is £18. 
Your ticket includes a tree planted for you in the Calidonian Forest with the charity Trees for Life.

Add to Cart

WOW that's very reasonable? How come? 

I want this to be as accessible to as many people as possible as a tool you can add to your wellbeing toolkit. You also get the added joy of knowing a tree is being planted for you. You'll receive a certificate at the end of the exploration!

By signing up I’ll share my personal technique with you and for 14 days you’ll receive a daily prompt sent directly to your inbox. 

Please Note:

I’ll only run this if a minimum of 25 lovely folks sign up – so do share with your friends and anyone else you think could benefit from taking this mini doodleicious exploration!!!

There will also be a private facebook group so you'll have a safe place to share your daily doodles as well as what you learn about yourself and insights as the exploration unfolds.  Sound good?

Starts 01 FEBRUARY and as the title suggests as these are doodles – they are meant to be done freely and can be as fast or as slow as you would like. 

Want to discover how doodling can help you?

YES I want to go on a mini doodleicious exploration! 

Add to Cart

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Here’s an interesting article about the power of doodling

Love and creative doodles



Thursday 8 January 2015

Skinny Dipping by Moonlight

I've done it. I have been skinny dipping. How on earth I missed out on doing this sooner I don’t know.

Another tick off the 40/40 Project List! No.7 to be exact.

And I did it somewhere rather special.

At The Mermaid Pool on Burgh Island.

During my Burgh Island Birthday I seized the opportunity to start my year of being 40 stark naked swimming around in the sea. It was warmer than I expected! *thankful face*

We waited until a few minutes to midnight and then slipped upstairs to our room to change in to some black ‘stealth’ clothing. Needn’t have bothered though as on our way out through the hotel doors we bumped in to a few of the couples we’d met earlier that day having a smoke.

"Where are you off to" they inquired..

"For a swim" I replied

"So you’re really going to do it then? Skinny Dip"


They laughed and wished us luck.

We put the torch on and started to make our way down to the Mermaid pool. You can see the pool from the hotel but I hoped as it was dark no one would see much at all…

However, the pool was lit up with a green light.

Eek. I’d not expected that.

Not to worry though as the lights went out as soon as we started to make our way slowly down the gravel slope to the waters edge.

It was still, quiet and dark.

Evidence. One of the more decent photos!

I whipped off my clothes and paddled in.

It wasn't too bad.

Mr CA waited on the shore…

I came out again as my imagination started up and I could 'see' it being full of fish and mystical creatures....

I knew there was nothing in there to harm me, so back in I went and this time – full submersion...

I didn't squeal as it was actually rather warm! Wow!

I swam around and really enjoyed the experience. It felt rather naughty.

Mr CA still stayed on the shore. He wasn't tempted one jot to jump in and join me! Can't think why...!

When I felt I’d had enough I made my way out of the pool and dried myself.

Mission Completed!

We wrapped up and made the way back up to the bar.

The couples we’d seen on our way out were waiting for us!

"Did you do it??" They asked

"YES" I said jumping about and punching my fist in the air! Not sure if that was appropriate behaviour for a 1930s lady...but what the heck.

A huge cheer erupted followed by a round of applause. 

It felt wonderful as I hadn’t been expecting this at all.

I wanted to get changed back in to my evening gown and then celebrate with a cocktail. So that’s what we did.

Returning to the bar – the new friends waiting for us had got me a ‘cake’ with a birthday candle (It was actually a piece of bread!) and then sang happy birthday to me. It was FABULOUS and a great way to officially start my year of being 40.

When was the last time you went for a skinny dip?

This certainly won’t be the last time for me!

Here's how the Mermaid Pool looks in daylight. Such a beautiful place.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Trust & Satisfaction. My words for 2015

As the New Year starts I enjoy selecting words for the year and focus on what I’d like to invite more of into my life in 2015. I certainly feel choosing words last year had a positive impact on my year so I’m doing it again. Although this time my supporting word is actually more of a feeling.

You see I have the character traits of being more Hare than Tortoise (as in the Aesop Fable) Not so much the bragging – but that speed of the Hare and the feeling that quick I must do that thing/idea RIGHT NOW or it will be lost forever

Sometimes this works brilliantly sometimes not and I could do with being a bit more Tortoise. Slow and steady.

One of the things I've noticed about being ‘Hare’ – I even have a hare necklace that I wore everyday – is that the feeling of satisfaction is short lived. This year I want to create more sustained satisfaction in my life. So as I move through the year I’ll be asking myself – does this thing make me feel satisfied? If yes – great! If No – how can I change it so it does? Or do I drop it?


Trust in myself and that I am supported. Supported by what exactly? Family & Friends, or BIGGER the Universe? I think Bigger. That’s what this is about for me.

Tapping into that deep inner knowing as well as trusting that I’m supported each step I take. Baby steps and trusting that whatever happens is what I need right now. This is a toughie!

Take the Leap and the Net will appear right?

Trust & Satisfaction. These are my words/feelings for the year as it unfolds. I’m curious to see how this will impact on my year.

This year to act as a token to remind me I painted a pebble. This pebble came from the beach at The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. I picked it up when I was there a few years ago. The symbol is what I saw in the pebble as I studied it. Reminds me a bit of that Kite Mark, you know, the one for safety!

How about you? Do you also choose a word you’d like to embody? What have you chosen for this year? Or if you’ve not considered this before – would you like to? I’d love to hear from you!

Morwhenna xxx

Aka The Creative Adventurer

Monday 5 January 2015

A taste of what’s to come in 2015!

Happy New Year to YOU!

So here we are. 2015! *hello* 

Hope you had a good break? Time to relax, laugh and eat lots of lovely things?

So what will the year ahead hold for you? 

I've put together a calendar of deliciousness for this year so you can see in advance what I've got planned and what you might fancy joining. Very much hope to see you soon!

Here’s the outline…more things will be happening so this will evolve and grow; see this as the base layer of your creative adventurer toolkit!


Creative Juice January – A Mini Creative Adventure (no juicing involved) – 12 days of creative adventures to kick start the year with positivity and colour. starts 10 January. 
Sign up here



UFO (Unfinished Objects) month & Launch of The Creative Adventurers Club!



- A Creative Adventure on Lundy Island – only 4 places available – want to join me?
- Doors open for my Phoenix Programme. Watch out for details!


Brecons to Morwhenstow Pilgrimage


RELAX and join me for a Creative Juice Virtual Retreat/Festival


Sunday 20th - International Connect to Nature Day


Mini Doodleicious Exploration – Starts 03 October


End of the 40/40 Project – there will be a Celebration!


Creative Juice – 12 days of December and wrapping up the year


Throughout this year I will be working on and completing my 40/40 project. If you can help me with any of them – please get in touch – and/or if you’d like to join me on any let me know! This project is also about connecting with lovely people. ;-)


Coaching & Brainstorming

Would you like some help with getting unstuck or coming up with ideas for a project you are working on? Something tailored exactly to you? Then some coaching or a quick fire brainstorming session could be just what you need ...How can I help you?

If you’d like to work with me on a one to one basis please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!


Here’s to a Fruitful, Joyous and Creatively Adventurous 2015!


Morwhenna xxx

aka The Creative Adventurer