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Monday, 13 May 2019

Are you a nature-noticer?

It's Mental Health Awareness week and one of the things I find helps my mental wellbeing is noticing nature. REALLY noticing. Even a few minutes can have a positive effect. Today, I decided to capture some of the things I noticed on my dog walk to share with you. [yes it's in portrait, sorry!]

I noticed...

The way the grass swayed in the breeze and how it felt as I ran my hands through it [not as soft as I'd imagined]

The brightness of the yellow buttercups in contrast with the grass

A peacock butterfly landing and creeping up close to see it's beautiful markings

The way leaves on the trees moved

The patterns that aeroplanes had left in the sky

The blue-ness of the sky

The different sounds of the birds chirping

The low hum of farm machinery

The smell of stinging nettels and hawthorn flowers

The delicate white flowers of cow-parsley and how it fills the lanes with an abundant spring bouquet

Are you a nature-noticer?  What have you noticed today?

Thursday, 25 April 2019

[The 40/40 Project] No.9 The completed sketchbook!

Yeah! Another part of a project completed! Yes, ok, I submitted my sketchbook to the Sketchbook Library in 2016, and heck, it's now 2019 - but I've finally put together a little film with the photos I took. I can officially tick that box! *Hurrah & A Happy Dance*

I'd spend sooooo long procrastinating and considering the style and being anxious about getting it 'right,' that I'd forgotten about being playful and just having a go. So here we are - a playful experiment. 

Here's the post about the project and why I wanted to join it - The Sketchbook Project

Ahhhh, feels good to complete something that's been on my mind and to do list for some time...what's next? [I've plenty more to choose from]. 

How about you? What project[s] have you got kicking about that would make you feel better if they were completed? 

To view my sketchbook, sign up for yourself, or just be inspired by the thousands of creative sketchbooks online visit: www.thesketchbookproject.com

Friday, 22 March 2019

Upcycling: Adventure Trousers to Zipper Pouch

Everything we wear has a story. From its very beginnings as the fibres before being woven or knitted into cloth to where we've worn those clothes and the memories that they've helped to create. That's why I thought I'd share this short story with you of one of my latest upcycled makes. 

Do you like to upcycle your worn out clothes into new and useful items? 
I'd love to see what you've created - do share here - or pop on over to my FB page and share your creations with me there. 

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Easy Evening Adventure

Too hot to be going out during the day? Have an evening adventure...
Find an interesting place on a map of your local area. Go see what it actually looks like...

All images copyright Morwhenna Woolcock.
If you wish to use any - please contact me. Thanks!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A Wild Art-ternoon

Look up. The view from my hammock.

Last weekend (30th June/1st July), was the UK's national night and day of adventure known as Wild Night Out. This year I took part and here's what happened...

My Wild Night Out actually became a 'Wild Art-ternoon' and was close to home. I had planned to sleep out in my hammock, but as I couldn't get my dog to get into it, my partner was away and the place I chosen had a massive badger set - decided a wild afternoon would be my alternative!! 

It was wonderful.

The main aim really was to *finally* put up the hammock I've had for over three years (possibly longer??) and never taken out of its jacket. I did a test run in the garden the night before, and discovered that no, the gazebo frame wouldn't actually hold the hammock with me in it!! ;-0 Doing that test helped me realise how easy setting up a hammock actually was. Actually going and put it up in the location I've had my eye on for a long time was hugely satisfying.

Spending a few hours relaxing in the hammock whilst watching my dog enjoy herself exploring, looking up and marveling at the different view and perspective being cocooned in a hammock gave me and having the freedom to play with whatever natural materials I could find to created some doodles (a feather) was lots of fun and a much needed tonic. 

Due to my disability I do struggle getting in and out of small tents (I always get my left foot caught some how and usually end up tripping over the guy ropes!), so having spent just a few hours in a hammock and discovering how easy it is to set up by myself, get in and out of and how deliciously comfortable it is, I'm definitely going to be sleeping out in it this summer and having more hammocking adventures! [I've already got plenty of ideas].

It's surprising how being the recipient of a WNO mug gave me that extra bit of encouragement and impetus to do something that I'd been thinking about doing for years!

Thank you Wild Night Out! 

Did you take part? Do you fancy a Wild Night/Afternoon/Morning yourself? Well, you can do it anytime - how about this weekend? Have a look at The Wild Night Out website for some inspiration.

Pre-Wild Afternoon trial. The slight look of terror on my face is due to the fact that, at that very moment,
we realised the gazebo couldn't hold the hammock with me in it!! ;-0 he he

A quick look through my emails and I discover that I actually bought the hammock in September 2014!!! Its a Scout Hammock from DD Hammocks, which I think is brilliant value and I'm def doing to sleeping out in it!

[This isn't affiliated - I bought the hammock myself][I won the WNO mug via an instagram competition]

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Taking things to the Extreme

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep suspended by ropes over looking the Clifton Suspension Bridge or from Portsmouth’s Iconic Spinnaker Tower?




Well, my epic and inspiring travel writing and author friend Phoebe Smith, along with A&E doctor, Zoologist and rope specialist John Pike and rigging supremo Ollie Laker have done just that, as well as sleeping at 8 other UK Landmarks to raise funds for Centrepoint, the young persons homeless charity.

Phoebe Smith getting ready for her Extreme Sleep in Bristol. Photo by Morwhenna Woolcock

I had the fantastic opportunity to meet up with Phoebe and Team Extreme during their Bristol Extreme Sleep on Wednesday. I’ve never been climbing or abseiling so all the equipment required, the careful thought, planning, re-planning, tweaking and the length of time (hours and hours) it actually takes to set up a safe portalege camp was fascinating and made me appreciated even more what a challenge this was.  Whilst both John and Ollie have climbing and rigging experience, this is something pretty new for Phoebe. 

I also meet Libby Houston who has a tree named after her – A Hornbeam that only grows in the Avon Gorge as well as a bench dedicated to her. Libby is incredible, A world expert Botanist and at 71 incredibility fit with no signs of slowing down. She’ll often be in a harness dangling off the gorge looking after the special plants that grow there. [we both said 'we want to be like Libby.']

Apparently, no matter what time they started rigging, they always seem to end up getting to bed at 1.30am....

Imagine doing this for 10 nights in a row and you can see why they'd re-named it the Extreme Sleep Deprivation Challenge. It really made us think about that side of being homeless. The anxiety of where to sleep and wondering if it is safe. 

I took them some champion cake [had gold sprinkles on it] the Wild Night Out mug I’d just won as Phoebe is the ambassador and some bug repellent.

Spending time with all of them [They were super at answering all my questions] has definitely inspired me to have a go at climbing with ropes up into trees and possibly abseiling, although not so sure about going over cliff edges just yet. Think I'll start by sleeping out in my hammock. Starting small is still starting....

How about you? What do you feel like challenging yourself to do this summer? It's Wild Night Out today [30th June] so maybe just start by going here for some ideas > Wild Night Out

To see the amazing places they slept, check out their social media:

Phoebe: @PhoebeRSmith
John: @Pikejwt
Ollie: @figure_nine
and Photographer Zak who captured some amazing images: @zakbentley

Article on Bristol 24/7 here > Trio sleep dangling over Avon Gorge

And what PJ's does an Extreme Portalege Sleeper wear? >

Their donation page is still open so if you’d like to support Centrepoint go here >


Thursday, 14 June 2018

[UK Islands Project] Coast Magazine - July Issue 2018

I'm beyond delighted and excited to share that this month's Coast Magazine [July 2018], features an article I've written about my UK Islands Project. 

It's this copy....(see pics below) 

If you do read it, I'd love to hear what you think and if you are now keen to go on your own Creative Island Adventures...! (or any other Creative Adventures for that matter) 

Huge Thank You to Caroline Wheater & Coast Magazine!