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Friday 11 May 2012

Day 11 – Printing, bags and making a video

I’ll admit it’s been a while since I last posted. So have an update! I wasn’t able to get hold of anyone from Snap Studio – but did speak to Maria at Spike Print Studio who liked my project idea but wasn’t sure if they would be able to help me out. She'll be able to let me know next Tuesday. And also suggested I try Hamilton House as they have a screen printer set up for the CentreSpace Gallery.
Graphic of Love text

So have been feeling a bit stuck really.

Thank goodness for the 30 Day Challenge daily buzz and yesterday’s ‘post what you need’. This gave me the chance to post a request for help with getting my bags printed…and I have lots of ideas from other 30DC-ers, which was brilliant.

The carving - straight off the machine - WOW
One in particular – was from Tim who is creating custom carvings for his 30 DC. He suggested using the old ‘printing block’ letters, which I thought was a go idea. 

He then went on to say that he’d been thinking of making some – so I was cheeky and asked if he would mind making some for me!

And Yes – He has had a go! So far looks amazing!! 

Have also been working on a bag and completed my first. Unprinted. But complete in the sewing sense. I even made a video and posted it on YouTube! A total first for me!  
Link to my video: http://youtu.be/_Ijfnuw7Lf8

Only 29 more bags to go!!

One shirt - just waiting to be cut up..

Checking wording size for the bag
Cutting up shirt no.2

Took buttons from other shirt to add as detail

Front side

Handles have used the button hole strips

My tag!

Sewing on the handles.

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