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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Hi...My name is...

Do you fit your name? Or does your name fit you?

I've been more aware recently of people who've changed their name.

It started last week when I was reading about Gala Darling. On her site there is a short video about her and in it her parents talk about the day she changed her name from Amy Paape to Gala Darling. They said “it was like she became a butterfly.” This fascinated me. How could changing your name make so much difference?

I also rather loved the story Gala told of how the name had come to her in a dream. It never actually occurred to me that Gala Darling wasn't her real name.

Yes of course there are the celebrities who change their names – and after a bit or research quite a few, more than I was expecting. There has also been an increase in name changes in the UK via deed poll with a huge spike in 2011

So this got me thinking.  What impact does your name really have on YOU?? Can it stop you from being who you fully are? (I’m not suggesting you rush out and change your name!) Rather this is something that’s on my mind.

And do you have to grow in to your name? Have you felt like that? I certainly have.

For YEARS I've been known as Mo.

Morwhenna, was too long, too big, too grown up, too difficult to spell and I didn't feel I filled it. (Plus it was usually reserved for when I'd been naughty...)

Me age three, being chased by one of my older sisters. This picture makes me laugh!

When I was growing up I was desperate to be called something else and I would play around with other names. I was Michelle for a while, then Rebecca, but I knew really, deep down that wasn't me.

Plus I am the only one in my family with a Cornish name. I have three older sisters and as we were moving not long after I was born, it was decided I would have a ‘proper Cornish name.’ This used to annoy me! 

Until a few years ago.

Suddenly I stopped being Mo and I was Morwhenna. 

It was quite a change. It didn't happen overnight but rather after a series of events. Depression, separation, pain, healing, a new union. (The healing is on-going)

It suddenly felt it was time to let go of the Mo and step up to being Morwhenna.  And whatever that meant. I didn't quite know.

*phew* it felt like a big step. 

It was also interesting watching other people’s responses.

In the past I would say my name quietly and get embarrassed about it and it being mis-pronounced or mis-spelt.  So would say ‘ ah just call me Mo, that’s easier for you.’

It was more about not making a fuss. Not standing out or appearing awkward.

Once I started using my full name that changed. I started receiving more compliments about my name and there was an interest in the story behind it. It seemed to capture people’s imaginations. Especially when I would say – It’s Cornish and means ‘girl from across the sea’ It also means Mermaid. Yes I'll admit it. I would LOVE to do a photoshoot with me as a Mermaid. Who wouldn't?? *Am thinking Annie Leibovitz Style*

I realised that it had been linked to my belief in self and my own confidence. So it would make sense that as I grew more confident in myself I would want to use my full name.

Now I wouldn't dream of changing my name.

I like it. Plus having the extra 'h' has its bonuses. Websites, twitter etc. So my parents must have been very forward thinking!!

Also it never occurred to me that I could actually change my name.  It’s not actually that difficult. £33 by deed poll I believe. You can even have ‘Danger’ as your middle name – which nearly 200 people can now officially claim! (I rather love that!!)

And as for my surname…well as you can imagine there were plenty of jokes around the playground about that!  Even one rather recently at a hotel I stayed in. On my room it said ‘Moorcock’ heee hee I must admit I did find that rather funny!! Other times it can be a bit annoying! There have been all kinds of variations. ;-D

I still feel like I’m ‘becoming Morwhenna’ as I continue on this exploration and journey, I’m not there just yet.

How about you? Do you feel you've had to grow into your name? Or do you feel somehow it doesn't quite fit?

If you could choose your own name – would you choose something different?  What would that name be? And how would that make you feel or act differently?

Go WILD - Play with this, have fun with it. See it as a game.

Here's a thought - Could this actually be your inner wisdom, your authentic self-wanting to show you how you might enjoy life more fully? Not by actually changing your name, rather changing your approach to things?

How can you take some of those feelings or attributes and apply them to yourself right now? 

Would love to hear - please do share your thoughts below...xx


  1. I loved reading this article Morwhenna. I wrote a short piece about my name a few years ago. (I mean my real name, not my blog pseudonym). I will dig it out and let you have a read. I might even post it to my blog. Your writing always gives pause for thought and offer great inspiration. Please keep em coming x

    1. Thank you so much! Your kind words make me want to skip. ;-) Yes would love to read yours once you've found it.

  2. So intriguing - I went through a phase of hating my name and wanting to change it. To Harriet, for some inexplicable reason. I've also grown and shifted and fit my name much better these days... I wouldn't change it for the world! (I also love that your name is Cornish - my Dad's side of the family are from Cornwall!) xxx

    1. Maybe there was a Harriet your read about or such that held something you wanted? Glad that you feel you own your name now and fit it. ;-) & thank you ;-)

  3. Great Article! I like your Name since the first time I saw it in our group :) i instantly see a wise longhaired witch, with her bottles and her books and forestanimals all around her. IT really has a beautiful Sound when you speak it out loud.

    Then the next thought about names, was about the individual little goodies like mugs, Pens,and several more, with the Name and the meaning on it. Many of them are sooo much like the person with this name, that I really deeply feel, that names are so much more than just names. You know what I mean?

    And then you wrote about, growing into your name. After Depression and healing. And HALLO that's the same thing I had.....
    I couldn't say that I didn't like my names "Nina Raffaela" at any time. I really really like them, but I almost never sayd my second name. It was too beautiful. And as I always acted more like a boyish, wild thing, and Not the little sensitive Flower I am, I hided my second Name behind very less self-love and self-confidence....
    But, since I had this Depression 2 years ago, I use every possibility to use both my names and write it down and speak it out loud. And enjoy how this feels. (And also the reactions of the others ;) )

    And thank you for the Inspiration. Nina Raffaela Danger Ziegler would be perfect :D

    1. ooooh thank you Nina - I like your vision! Does chickens a ginger cat and a puppy count as my animals - for now? ;-0 And yes I certainly do know what you mean about those meanings. It is fascinating. Also please to hear you've also embraced your beautiful surname, maybe it is going through that dark tunnel and coming out into the bright sunshine that acts as a catalyst to change, and to embrace all of ourselves? ooh yes liking the Danger added to your name ;-P

  4. I like this idea of growing up into your name. My full name is Myrtilla, very unusual and often said back to me as "do you mean Matilda". No, Myrtilla, one of the flower names (Myrtle). Anyway, at 11 on my first day in senior school my teacher shortened it to Myrt - I was known as that until I left at 18. So when I left home I shortened it to Tilla. That's who I've been ever since and it suits me far more. Tilla Brook is balanced, it's still unusual and it's MINE!

    1. What a wonderous name Tilla! And yes indeed Tilla is all yours and interesting how you feel this is more you. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing this about your name ;-)