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Friday 14 March 2014

Muddy waters filled with pond weed

What?? This is how my head has been feeling for the past few days. After the EXCITEMENT of Monday and joining the Art Relief International Programme as a volunteer it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions.

First off I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has made a donation so far. I am SOOOOOOOOO grateful and have been getting rather emotional about the support I’ve been getting.  THANK YOU! xxx

So I've hit a wall and it's called 'Action Planning in a clear and concise manner with FUN easy daily steps.'

As I have started with my usual 'feet first' approach I need to stop and get clear. This is what tends to happen ;-)

I know I need to create an action plan for the next 7 weeks (leading up to trip) then for the 4 weeks I am there (maximizing being there and the experience - we also have the weekends free so want to make sure I make the most of those) then finally for some weeks after I've returned.

I've been doing some brainstorming around fundraising and have a whole host of ideas (some more sensible than others!!), as well as some great ones coming in from people (thank you - keep them coming!) so next is to decide which I'll actually do and how for the most impact. This is also where I can get stuck, how to make the very most of each idea and opportunity?!

Using mindmaps and coloured pens is the way I like to brainstorm ;-)

So to move forward I've done a couple of things:
  • I've taken a big sheet of paper and coloured pens and started jotting down things in three columns - pre-trip, during-trip and post-trip
  • I've asked for some planning help from a friend of mine who is an uber planning expert. We're having a call on Monday morning. Hurrah!
Then I've got stuck in with a couple of things and have:
  • Contacted Thai Airways about possible support with flights. Cheeky? Yes, but if you don’t ask...I have considered how else to get there without flying and as much as I’d love to travel there across land and sea, on this occasion it won’t be possible.
  • Been in touch with Paul, my specialist at the FES centre in Salisbury Hospital. As I have a STIMuSTEP implant in my left leg to help me with my walking. Yes I am Bionic! I had a brain hemorrhage when I was 12 and was paralyzed down my left-hand side (was all rather traumatic) and this amazing gadget helps my walking. It's AMAZING!! I wouldn't really be considering a trip like this without having this piece of kit. Paul reminded me about finding out how I’ll be able to charge my gadget while I’m away. Yes need to know that! He also suggested some magazines that might be interested in featuring this Creative Volunteer Adventure.
  • Spoken to some lovely chaps at The Arts Council, as it’s possible I *might* be able to get a grant towards this trip as it is all about the arts.  I won’t know if I’ve been successful (there is a 50% success rate) until I’ve submitted the application. The application process takes 6 weeks so I’m not relying on getting this as that will take me right up to the line of when I’m leaving. So I’m keeping my options open and will be trying ALL manner of things!! Well maybe not all the ideas I’ve come up with. I don’t really fancy being arrested!!
  • Reminding myself on a regular basis to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ (thank you Susan Jeffers)

Tell me - How do you go about planning for a big event like this? And please do share any fundraising ideas you have too! ;-)

Have a brilliant weekend!


  1. I love the idea about writing about it for a magazine! S x

  2. Cool thanks Sally - any ideas which I could approach?

  3. Cool thanks Sally - any ideas which I could approach?

  4. What an amazing thing you're doing! It looks like you are making great steps! Good for you, that is great. Love the colorful mindmap. Art has made a big difference in my life, too, so I donated what I could :)

    If I was planning for an event like this, I would get a file box and manila file folders and keep everything in there, sorted however it worked best. Fundraising, travel, notes, to-do, etc. Good luck with everything! I just found you through the Amazing Biz & Life group, so I'm adding you to my RSS so I don't miss future updates. I'm looking forward to following your progress!

    1. THANK YOU Christen! Are you Caterpillar days? Am guessing you are? I am SOOO grateful thank you so very much. Yes will be sharing the whole thing with you. xx

      Thank you too for those planning suggestions - really really helpful!


  5. Fabulous outline - very clear and eye-catching. I also love that you're able to ask for help from others, and you're getting it! Best of luck with this fantastic intention xx

    1. Hi Leanne,

      Yes has taken me a while to actually learn to ask for help! Thank you so much for your luck wishes xx

  6. Hi Morwhenna. The mindmap looks great! You obviously have a lot of talent in artistic expression. It's so great that you'll embark upon this adventure to Chiang Mai. All the best for your journey!!

  7. Hi Morwhenna, can you write some media releases on your adventure - lots of angles I can think of -1. your bionic woman status and pushing boundaries physically, 2. the Art Relief Fund - a human interest piece on someone it has made a difference for, 3. your motivation for taking this adventure - leaving behind life as you know it to pursue dreams 4. getting funding for such initiatives - include quotes from others who have done similar before. I am sure you can brain storm more. Generating human interest and the media would have to love this. And gets people more aware of your need for funds!

  8. Because of your lead time, I think local and regional newspapers would be your best target for generating awareness (and funds!!) than magazines which have longer lead times.

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