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How to be a Creative Adventurer

Are you...
  • Feeling lacklustre and life has lost its sparkle
  • Stuck in a rut
  • In need of inspiration and a new perspective
  • Feeling out of sorts and not quite yourself
  • Feeling something is missing, but not quite sure what it is
  • Yearning for some more creativity and adventure in your life but not sure where to start
  • Bored with how things are for you right now
  • Going through a time of transition
  • Have an idea for a grand adventure, but stuck with actually getting on and doing it!
  • In need of some time to get to know yourself better
If you've nodded your head and said yes to any of these then 'A spot of Creative Adventuring' is just what's needed! 

Being a Creative Adventurer doesn't have to mean actually going away anywhere to find adventure. It's about looking at everything around you from a different perspective and asking 'how can I invite creativity into my daily life' it might turn out to be through food and cooking - in your own kitchen, or it could mean exploring within a 5 mile radius of where you live, or perhaps you discover you'd like to research your family tree. All these are Creative Adventures and the best thing about this exploration with me is finding out what yours will be! (And then actually doing something about it) Exciting!

As seen in Psychologies Magazine (July 2017) 

This exploration will help you to discover your own inner Creative Adventurer and investigate ways to integrate Creativity, Adventure & Nature into your life. 

We’ll explore what kind of Adventurer you are and ways to follow your own crumbs of curiosity with the aim of you developing your own personal Creative Adventure.

This could be a big trip that you’ve wanted to do for a (very?) long time but have been stuck with actually doing it, or it could be simpler small little Creative Adventures that help you get through your day. 

The aim is to create something that is right for you. I’ll guide you through the creative process with exercises, live chat, a private FB group and lots of encouragement! 

How to be a Creative Adventurer is a 30 day exploration [course] starting on Friday 01 September and running until 30th September with weekly explorations which will be hosted online so you can take part from anywhere.

I like to work with small groups so there will only be 15 places on this course. 

Any questions? Just ask! I'm here to support and guide you so if you are thinking 'oh yes I'd love to do this, but...' email me and let me know what your 'but' is. 

Want to know a bit more about me and my background - Have a look here at this page

Start Date: Friday 01 September

Cost: £98

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Looking forward to Creative Adventuring with you! 


[Please note - I'm not a therapist, I'm a coach and artist with personal experience of depression and anxiety and have developed my own way of combining Creativity, Adventure and Nature with mindfulness to improve and support Wellbeing]

Trees – As with previous courses a tree planted for you. I am currently investigating setting up a Creative Adventurers Grove so that we’ll be creating a place together that we’d be able to visit and see it grow.

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