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Saturday 2 June 2012

The Picnic!

Ahh haven't long come back from the 'bags of love' picnic and it was LOVELY! There were seven of us all together. ;-)

I did get some emails from some of the other bag owners to say they weren't able to make it, and was prepared for it just to be Rich and me - so was really chuffed to see Tania and her family and then for Liv to come along to. It was super! 

We had lots of great food (delicious homemade cakes) and lots of chat and I've also now got some new ideas for some additional bag designs. - Thank you Tania and Liv for your ideas!

Also got a pic of Maddie (Tania's daughter with her bag. no.22) so that makes 10 photos all together..wonder if I can actually get pics of ALL of them - one day!

Had a brilliant afternoon - so thank you again for coming along and being part of 'bags of love for Bristol'...;-)

L-R - Me, Liv, Maddie, Tania, Chris and
Joe (who wasn't in the photo as he was running around!)
and Rich as he was taking the photo. ;-)

What a feast!
Maddie with her bag no.22

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  1. More bags of love for this world, please :)