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Thursday 24 May 2012

Day 24 – Back to Bristol Textile Recylers and font designer Galdino Otten

Tania at BTR with her chosen bag!

Facebook comment from Galdino
Bag with tag - first version
The tag - has been tweaked slightly from this version
Popped back to Bristol Textile Recyclers today to see Tania and give her one of the bags. I took a selection so she could choose which one she’d like. Was really chuffed as she was really pleased with her bag and was impressed at how well they’d come out. In fact she did have difficulty choosing which one to have. In the end it was actually the first bag I’d made that she selected!

I asked about the cost of buying the ‘wipe’ shirts so I can carry on making some now to sell and Tania wasn’t able to tell me there and then how much they were – so will email me once she knows. ;-)

I’d emailed Galdino Otten last night about his wonderful font that I’ve used for this project - I now need a commercial licence as I’m going to be selling them. Wasn’t sure what to expect – so was happy when I received an email saying on this occasion he’d be happy with a donation as I think he liked my project! 

So I suggested I made a donation now and if I do sell the bags then I’d be able to donate more at a later date. Was really pleased when he said he was happy with this! So now I’m comfortable with selling them. He’d designed such a fab font – ‘Action all the Time’ and it really makes the bags. ;-) Check out his work, he’s a bit of a font master! 

Then was chuffed when I saw he’d actually posted about me on his facebook page!  He posted about my project and that he was grateful I’d respected intellectual property rights and made the effort to contact him and do things properly.  He added a link to my blog and mentioned I was making a difference by creating a more sustainable way of living! Wow! That was nice of him to do that.

I did have to use Google translate as he’d posted in Portuguese.  Did I mention he lives in Brazil?

So was very excited  about all that!

Also finished the tags today thanks to the help of my friend Shaun. He pointed out that my original text might give the impression it was a ‘private’ picnic just with me! Oh heck I thought – That’s NOT what I mean! Panicked then about giving people totally the wrong idea! So after some re-wording came up with a much friendlier version.

Did a trial with the first version and worked really well – So tomorrow will now print the tags and can start attaching them to the bags – ready for distribution! Although when counting my bags tonight I appear to have lost some!??

It’s been a good day. ;-)

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