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Saturday 26 May 2012

Day 26 - Bags about town - part 1

Making the tags - recycling card
Sooo, there are now 15 bags 'somewhere' about Bristol..... saw two people taking bags - but we'll have to wait and see if they send me a photo. 

I predict out of the 30 bags I leave around I'll get at least 15 responses and photos. Rich reckons I'll get Six. Hope I'm right!! It took a while to get the tags finished this morning and put everything together. I still have some bags left to sew, so decided to distribute them in two batches. 

hee hee thought that was funny
So first batch went out today. Second will go out tomorrow (once I've finished sewing them!!) 

We left around 14.00 and finally got back at 19.30 (just in time for Eurovision...;-) after being all over the place (ooh and stopping at the Apple for a well deserved drink!) Got to see some great parts of Bristol as Cabot Tower is now open. That was great!

Really looking forward to getting some emails and photos now of the lovely people who've taken one!! (fingers crossed)

First bag to be 'left' - where's this though??
In a grand entrance!
Highest point in Bristol?
Camera went all B/W here

Would you like one Banksy?

Large beetle spotted

Ready for some shopping?

This bag didn't stay here long!

Where is this?

Part of an exhibition?

Outside in the sunshine again

hmmm where are these seats??

Sat here and had a well earned drink ;-)

Play me a tune - but where's this piano?

Picnic in the park anyone?

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  1. Morwhenna I absolutely love your project - I think it's such a cool idea. Can't wait to see where all the bags turn up! I'm so excited for you :)