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Do What You Love

This is a copy of the advert I posted asking people to take part in my project..

Applications for this are now closed - so you can read the interviews so far on the main blog pages.

Do you do what you love?   Yes?  

Then I’d love to hear from you…

I’m looking for 10 local Bristol business people ‘who truly do what they love’ to feature in a 
photoshoot project. 

It’s all about what you do, why you love it and how you got there. 

In return you’ll get free publicity for your business on our blogs and websites, and the opportunity to take part in something unique! 

Want to take part? please email bagsofloveforbristol@gmail.com for an application form.  Deadline to apply is 31 July at 17.00. 

Please note: You will need to be happy with your photo and story being used on our blogs, websites and potentially in local magazines.  

What’s this all about then?

My name is Morwhenna Woolcock and I’ve recently set up a small business designing and making handmade bags and home accessories from 
recycled materials with positive messages.  

This came out of a project I did earlier this year.  
I made 30 bags from recycled shirts and left them around Bristol for people to ‘find’. 

In return I asked that ‘finders’ send me a photo of them using their bag and they would then be invited to a picnic. 

It was fantastic! I enjoyed it so much and met some really great people; my business has grown out of that!

You can read the full story on my blog.

So this is my ‘next’ project…

I’m collaborating with Lydia Samuel, a rather brilliant local photographer - www.lydiasamuel.co.uk - who will take the portrait shots and I’ll interview you. I’ll want you to be holding either one of my bags or cushions and you’ll be photographed in your environment – where you ‘do what you love!’

Bags of love! 

Morwhenna xx


  1. Hi,

    I definitely do what I love and love what I do...and kind of started with screw work lets play!
    I'd be keen to be involved, as I also think it would be a great project to be affiliated with, as I am all about the love!
    I also know Lydia!

  2. Cool Samantha! Love to hear about what you do? And funny you got started through 'screw work lets play' as well ;-) John and Selina would be pleased to hear that. Drop me your email address and I'll send you an application form - although thinking I should rename that to - 'I want to Take Part form! ;-) mx

  3. What a fantastic way to connect with new people and build your business. I very much love what I do which is helping people love themselves through the use of clothing. This sounds like a great project to get involved in. I've sent you an 'i want to take part' email!

  4. Hi Morwhenna - what an innovative idea - well done you! I have posted your idea on the Purple Dog Net site for Bath and Bristol.
    If you can extend the idea to Bath too - we'd very much like to be considered as we have a very unique business - will make great photos too!

  5. Hello Razorcat Tours! Thank you! Now then there's an idea - Could do a 'Bags of Love for Bath' one next? and maybe work with a local Bath photographer. *exciting*

  6. Razorcat - just looked at what you do! COOL! Everyone - take a look at what they do..!