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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Day 29 - Three more bags have new owners - one is a very lucky rabbit called Hamish

Jo with her bag no.25
Had a lovely email from Jo who now owns bag no.25. I love how excited Jo looks in her photo! She was in Bristol for her Grandad's 90th Birthday and found her bag on the bench over looking the Clifton suspension bridge.

I was so chuffed to hear she'd loves her bag and has been using it everyday since she found it! It's now gone home with her to Brighton. ;-) 

And Jo has offered to help me if I extend to a 'Bags of Love for Brighton', I'd only been chatting to a friend of mine about just that this morning...All brilliant. ;-)

And then we have this cute fellow! - Such a brilliant photo, really made me smile.

He's now the owner of bag no.23 which was found in Victoria Square.

And another just in - Hamish - one lucky rabbit, who now owns bag no.14 (ooh tasty carrots!) Thank you to Amber, Ruby and Vicki for this photo.

This happy chap now owns bag no.23
Hamish the rabbit with his bag no.14

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