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Sunday 6 May 2012

Day 5 - Templates, Screen printing and Tulips

Tulip Field, Farrington
Spent most of the day out and about (which included a trip to the UK's only pick your own Tulips field). So haven't spent the day on my project. What I have done thought is work out a template design to make my bags from and have also researched print studios in Bristol that *might* help me with the screen printing on my bags. I've decided that the felt letters - although I love them will be too time consuming and I would like to experiment with screen printing. 

I did have a *flash* idea which I have discounted for the moment - but thought - I could contact 30 local Bristol print makers and ask them to each print a bag with a design of their own - but that incorporated positive words and the 'bags of love for Bristol' text which I'd like to include now. Holding that thought for now...

So I've contacted Snap Studio Bristol first to see if they can help me. Also looks as though (thanks to YouTube) it is better to make up the bags first and then print them, but have asked for advice on that too. 


Also have the following print studios to try if Snap aren't able to help:

Spike Print Studio

UWE Printmaking

If anyone has any other ideas - love to hear them!


  1. I think your 'flash' idea is excellent.

  2. Cool thanks David! Worth further investigation then. ;-)