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Commission A Magical Animal

Magical Animals
Need help with a project you are working on? 
Feeling blue and need cheering up? or know someone who could do with a boost? 
Looking for a unique gift for a birthday or other occasion?

Send a Magical Animal. ;-)

Meet Olive-Ann de Rainbow, Owl of Opportunity - one of my recent commissions

Magical Animals arrive in my imagination with their name and their skill and I transfer them from my mind onto a watercolour postcard along with a message.  These are not your everyday animals! 

We have Simon the Super Sparrow who generally helps with anything (he helped me get tickets twice for Dismaland;-0) Melissa the Bat of Courage, Tony the Get it Done Swan and finally (so far) Adam the Goat of Determination. 

They do make me smile and laugh as there are so many things happening which aren't that joyful it feels a delight to be able to share these and spread some positivity, laughter and magic. 

Brian the Harlequin Bird of Prey from Peru - a birthday postcard commission
Here's an example - Lisa wanted to send a special Birthday Postcard to her friend and all she told me was they liked Birds of Prey and Flowers. Brian the Harlequin Bird of Prey from Peru turned up (of course!) I quickly captured a likeness of him before he flew off again. ;-)

"Carol absolutely LOVED the card! We spoke on Skype and she held it up for me to see, was raving about it! #win Thank you so much!" Lisa T

These are Magical Animals which can help us with whatever challenge we are facing. After all who couldn’t do with some help from Tony the ‘Get it Done’ Swan now and again? 

Just as I created Brian the Harlequin Bird of Prey from Peru and Melissa and friends – I’ll create one just for you – either for yourself – or to send as a gift. 

You can either leave it up to me and you’ll receive which ever magical animal appears – along with a message, or you can give me some crumbs – such as ‘I like platypuses’ or I need some help Focusing for example.

Rupert and The Acorn of Gold was created for Tracy, here's what she had to say about the Magical Animal created for her:

"Hi Morwhenna - thanks so much for Rupert (half squirrel, half kangaroo) and the Magical Acorn of Gold. He really does make me smile and I've no idea how you managed to get his character (as described on the back of the card) to be so apt for me on so many levels!! I am so looking forward to our magical adventures together!"
Tracy Reader
Here's Rupert and his Acorn of Gold - in progress and completed!

If you'd like me to create your very own Magical Animal they are £20 each and now include a little animated clip [As Olive-Ann de Rainbow] which will be emailed to you. 

P&P to UK incl. [pls contact me for worldwide shipping.] ;-)

Each Magical Animal is hand painted on an A6 watercolour postcard and will be sent in an envelope. 

Let the magic commence!

If you'd like to order yours or have any questions – pleases contact me via the contact form on my blog. 

My paint brushes are at the ready!

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