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Brecons 2 Morwenstow 2015 (B2M)

This summer I'm going on a modern pilgrimage by journeying from the Brecon Beacons to Morwenstow following (roughly) in the footsteps of the 5th century Saint Morwenna

This is a 177 mile adventure (not including the seamiles) that I will complete by bike, boat, foot & donkey!? This is a journey I've wanted to do since August 2011 when I became acquainted with St.Morwenna.

So what does this Trip entail?

Starting in the magical Brecon Beacons - where St.Morwenna, the daughter of a Welsh King, came from, I'll cycle the 55 mile Taff Trail arriving in Cardiff. 

Then to find a boat to take me across the Bristol channel to Minehead to start the walk along the South West Coast Path. I did consider trying to cross the channel in a coracle but quickly reaslied that was a foolish idea...

From Minehead I will follow the coastal path and walk all the way to Morwenstow aiming to arrive on the 5th July. St. Morwenna's Feast Day.  I'm planning to do this over 21 days. It's not a race after all!

That's the idea anyway!

This is a personal journey as well as a way to raise awareness about stroke. Especially stroke in young people. I had a brain hemorrhage when I was 12 and I was completely paralysed down my left-hand side. That was some day at school. 

I spent many weeks in hospital and the long road to recovery began. I have regained around 85% mobility *I'd say* - that is a rough estimate! I still walk with a limp as a result of a condition called Drop-Foot, which is a common side effect of Stroke. I'm grateful though to have had a STIMuSTEP implant from Salisbury Hospital in 2008 which has also greatly helped my walking. You could say I'm semi-bionic! Even after all these years - I'm still seeing improvements. 

Having a stroke so young as I did is unusual - but according to recent research strokes in young people are on the rise. So on the back of this journey there is an opportunity for me to do some fundraising for The Stroke Association as well as to raise awareness.

I've budgeted £60 a day (inc. accommodation & food) which is a total cost of £1250. I am currently working away on various things and saving up to cover the cost of this trip. I do value your encouragement and support!

I've also been training hard with the help of Team Breakthrough for this trip, who have been brilliant, as even with the help of being semi-bionic - this is going to be a big challenge for me!

Can you cheer me on please and encourage me, wave some virtual pom poms? Can you suggest any good places to stay on-route? Could you help me in some other way? Thank you ;-)

Here's my rough plan so far. Needs some tweaks as I will need to factor in some rest days...!

START DATE: Sunday 14 June

Cycle Taff Trail (55 miles)

Boat (hopefully!)
Boat from Cardiff to Minehead

Minehead to Porlock Weir (9.5 miles)
Porlock Weir to Lynmouth harbour (12 miles)
Lynmouth Harbour to Combe Martin (14 miles)
Combe Martin to Mortehoe and Woolacombe (13 miles)
Mortehoe and Woolacombe to Braunton (15 miles)
Braunton to Instow (12.8 miles)
Instow to Westward Ho! (11 miles)
Westward Ho! to Clovelly (11 miles)
Clovelly to Hartland Quay (Donkey?) (10.5 miles)
Hartland Quay to Morwenstow (8 miles)

Arrive in Morwenstow for 5th July and CELEBRATE! 

Ways you can help

Sponsor a 'Post Card From A Pilgrim'

On this Creative Adventure, I will be creating a daily artwork inspired by something I see, hear or feel. I'm expecting the trip to take 21 days - so there will be 21 art postcards. 

Each unique and capturing a moment on that particular day. Would you like to receive a Postcard from a Pilgrim? See the full details HERE

Make a donation to The Stroke Association

I will also be raising funds for The Stroke Association and I've set up a sponsor page on Virgin Giving Money. You can sponsor me here if you'd like to.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Spread The Word!

Please do share what I'm up to with anyone you think might be interested. And if you'd like to offer support in any other way - please get in touch! I'd love to hear from you. ;-) 




  1. What a fabulous journey - and kudos for carrying it though - LOVE the postcards. Tiz a bit of a hilly route too? X My cousin had a stroke at some ridiculously early age (earlier than you iirc) - she still has one pupil much larger than the other, but I don't think the long term effects were quite as noticeable. And have you read Kate Davies' blog about her stroke?