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Wednesday 23 May 2012

Day 23 – Olympic Torch and bag love!

WOW just went outside to photograph my bags and had three people come up to me. First wanted to buy one (she said they're beautiful!), second was an artist called P Tubey who asked me if I could make him a suit jacket for his exhibition - he now wants to include me in his exhibition.. and third was a lady who wanted to photograph them! all in the space of a few minutes!!

And I’ve had so many other people asking to buy one that I’ve decided to make some more now to sell. So will be getting some more shirts and also setting up a Folksy page!! This is SOOO exciting!

Am still sewing at the moment and have moved my distribution to ‘before Sunday at 20.00’ so still have quite a few to sew!

And yep – was up early this morning to see the Olympic Torch coming over the Clifton Suspension Bridge! That was amazing! Then spend AGES trying to get some tickets to the Olympics and managed to get some (after a few hrs) to the Women’s Fencing and also the Paralympics Athletics! VERY EXCITED about that too!!

So watch this space for my Folksy link! As I’ve some things to sort first!

Blink and you'll miss it! The Olympic Torch.

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