Busy, busy being creative..!

Who is the Creative Adventurer?

Hello and a big warm welcome to you!

I'm Morwhenna aka The Creative Adventurer and welcome to my Imaginarium!

This is my portal for all things creative; from my creative adventures, the courses/explorations I run and everything else relating to encouraging you to make positive and lasting changes for a more playful, creative and fulfilling life. 

I believe that we don't need to travel far to experience something new and inspiring and that adventure is all around us, we just need to look at things from a different perspective to find it. I found that reconnecting with my creative and adventurous self was a huge part in my recovery from severe depression and that Creativity, Adventure & Nature are instrumental to my wellbeing. This philosophy now forms the basis of everything I do and If I can do it - you can do it.

10 random things about me..
  1. My all-time favourite film is Singing in the Rain. I've seen the stage musical twice.
  2. I've been featured in Psychologies Magazine (hence the pic above) July 2017 Issue
  3. I've appeared in the TV show Casualty as an extra...still trying to get onto Dr.Who!
  4. I had a Brain Hemorrhage in 1987 (form of stroke) when I was 12. I was completely paralyzed down my left side and had to learn to walk again. I know, right!!
  5. I'm Bionic(ish). I'm fitted with a walking implant called a STIMuStep which helps me to walk as I have a condition called Drop Foot (result of the stroke)
  6. I'm the first person to walk over 100 miles and to climb Snowdon (the highest Mountain in Wales) not during the same trip, whilst using my walking implant!
  7. I've cycled 256 miles from Paris to Portsmouth over three and a half days for charity on a mountain bike (crazy) with a specially adapted pedal 
  8. I took part in the Scumrun car rally to Barcelona – but was sick the whole time ;-(
  9. I've spent 6 weeks on a solo trip volunteering with Art Relief International in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
  10. I love going to the theatre, especially anything created/performed by Kneehigh
Want to know more details and ins and outs about who I am? Here's a bit more...

Here's an interview...CLICK HERE for the audio

Some credentials & experience...
  • I've completed an 8 week mindfulness training programme
  • I've trained with the Coaching Academy as a Personal Development Coach
  • On discovering how helpful Reiki was during my 'black rabbit hole depression time,' I'm now a Reiki Master
  • I've got a Marketing Diploma from The Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • I went to Portsmouth Uni and have a degree in 3D Design
  • I'm interested in the Shamanic & Drudic relationship to Nature and have studied The Shamanic Journey with Elsa & Howard Malpas at The Isle of Avalon Foundation
  • I've been on a Kneehigh Theatre Creative Process Workshop (and was the only person there not a drama teacher!)
  • I've delved deep into some silent meditation retreats at Gaia House & Sharpham
  • I've studied Art Therapy and been on many creative courses and workshops, but I am not a therapist
  • I've taken Creative Facilitation and NEFs 5 ways to wellbeing training with Creativity Works & The Wellbeing Collage, Bath
  • I have personal experience of depression and anxiety and over the past six years have learnt many tools and techniques that have supported my own wellbeing and development which now enables me to share everything I've learnt with you

Creative Adventures & Projects to date


  • How to be a Creative Adventurer
  • Local Creative Adventurers around Somerset
  • Connect to Nature - Connect to Self
  • Mini Doodleicious Exploration
  • Goals - The 'How to create them so you'll actually achieve them' course

  • I love hearing from like minded people - so come and say Hi! 

    I hang out on Twitter @morwhenna FacebookPinterest & Instagram - @morwhennawoolcock where I post images, currently lot of pictures from all the islands that I'm exploring this year as part of my UK Islands Project!

    If you'd like to stay in more regular contact best way is to sign up to my Creative Adventurer letter for updates - sign up for HERE

    Creatively Yours

    Morwhenna xx


    1. HI! Please contact me, I would love to feature you in Lean Toward Happy Magazine. I couldn't find contact info on the site. Sorry if I overlooked it.

      E-mailL publisher at leantowardhappy.com


      1. Lovely to hear from you Rozlyn and what an honor to be asked! I'll mail you. xx

    2. Hey Morwhenna - I didn't realize you're a Brit! I took it for granted that you'd be American. And you live in my part of the world! I'm in Alton, Hampshire, just up the road from you. You're a creative adventurer, and I aspire to be one. I'm 62 and I'm an artist, writer, wild westerner(www.kitty-le-roy.co.UK) and traveller.I was v surprised to read about your health problems. I've only recently recovered from 30 years of depression, so am now making up for lost time. One of my aspirations - apart from visiting my 20th country and finish the novel I've been writing forever- was to be a film/TV extra, but I'm certain I'd never make the early morning starts! Anyway, excellent to find out you're in my neck of the woods. I'm currently UNsubscribing from a zillion newsletters, but yours is a keeper!

      Alton, UK

      1. Jo! HI! how lovely to hear from you. Interesting you thought I was American. Nope I was born in Cornwall and grew up in Wales before heading to Portsmouth for Uni...Now Live outside Bristol ;-) Sounds like you are already a Creative Adventurer to me! I LOVE your cabin! And thank you - your message did make my day. x

    3. Morwhenne, I'm so sorry. I never saw this. My apologies and thank you for responding. I now know where you are and I'm curating your content, so thank you for that. As for my cabin - I'm redesigning it! Will post about it in due course. So glad you liked my response.

      Jo x

      Creating My Odyssey - Liberating the Real Me After 30 Years of Depression & Anxiety. www.jo-b-creative.blogspot.co.uk