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Thursday 19 September 2013

Where are YOU going?

My new course 'Goals - how to create them so you'll actually achieve them' is for you if you can answer YES to any of these questions!
  • Set goals yet struggle to achieve them?
  • Want to experiment with different creative techniques but don't know where to start?
  • Want to learn some simple techniques to help you to get out of your own way?
  • Fed-up and want a creative boost and some fresh thinking?
  • Want to close the gap between who you are and who you really know yourself to be?
  • Want to cut through the crap and focus on what you really, really want?
  • Feel stuck?
If you've nodded your head to any of these questions (a few years ago I'd be busy nodding my head as these things were true for me! ) then I reckon my new 4 week course will be right up your street.... And you take part from ANYWHERE!

read on....!

Setting goals - why bother?

I used to think setting goals was boring and a waste of time as I was constantly changing my mind about what I wanted to do and I didn't want to feel restricted. But do you know what? I've realised and discovered that setting meaningful goals and achieving them actually has the OPPOSITE effect. It makes you feel GOOD. I discovered I'd been going about it in totally the wrong way!  

Through this course I'll show you a way of creating goals that's fun and creative (no spreadsheets in sight) that will have you feeling positive and excited!

What you'll gain:
more experimenting, layers & paint as backgrounds
  • You'll identify what's important to you in your life right now
  • You'll clarify the top goals for the key areas in your life and design a plan of action to move forward within the area you've chosen (e.g Business or Personal)
  • Your own personal goals book that you can revisit again and again
  • Ways to stay focused and fend off distractions (a VERY common challenge!)
  • Space to reflect on life in a fun and non-heavy (boring!) way
  • Opportunity to experiment with different creative techniques and ways to express yourself
  • A tool-kit you can revisit again and again
  • Connect with like minded people
  • A tree planted for you (if you choose this option) in the Caledonian Forest

What you'll get:
  • Weekly themes and exercises sent direct to your inbox every Saturday to inspire you and make you think! These will follow the coaching model of GROW. 
    • Week 1 - Goals - how to set really good ones you'll actually achieve (aka no more faffing about)
    • Week 2 - Reality - what's achievable now, next month, next year
    • Week 3 - Options - ways of working through blocks
    • Week 4 - Way Forward - a series of clear actions to move forward with! 
  • Ideas for different techniques to experiment with aimed to 'free up your thinking'
  • A private Facebook* group to share your experiences and meet like minded people 
  • A Flickr page to showcase your creations
  • Three free background pattern downloads to print out and use in your re-purposed goalsbook
  • Fun!
  • Online support via the facebook group on a weekly basis
  • Have a tree planted in the Caledonian Forest, Scotland with Trees for Life. (Optional - please select on the drop-down box when purchasing the course. This has an additional charge of £5 to cover the cost of the tree and a certificate emailed to you. (usual tree cost would be £15)


By using a range of coaching tools combined with a whole host of creative techniques, (think - drawing games, visualisations, deep questioning (don't be scared of that), experimenting), all in your very own repurposed book using upcycled materials/paper scraps. PLUS, if you fancy it, the option to have a tree planted for you in the Caledonian Forest! Oh yeah! (Excited yet??)

So how did this pop into my head? Here's the story:

I've been using my sketchbook a lot over the past year during my own creative journey and I have been finding that the act of actually drawing stuff out, writing with my non-dominant hand, using colour, ripping and sticking has been a really effective way for me in terms of developing more self-awareness which in turn has benefited how I create and set goals - both personally and for my business (as I kinda am my business)! 

NOTE: You don't need to have any artistic skills to do this course. It's more to do with the process than creating a final artwork.

Excel spreadsheets and grey charts (even if there are 50 shades of grey) just don't excite me! So I've been looking for ways to make my goal planning more creative and exciting! Now I'd love to share what I've learnt. 

I've been mindmapping, drawing, experimenting, playing, growing and I'm REALLY seeing the benefits of doing this on a regular basis!

Mind mapping
I've also been reducing the amount of stuff I have which, I'll be honest has been going in fits and starts (I am making progress though!) Hurrah!

This is where the re-purposed or altered book comes in..

I LOVE books and I'd been thinking about all those unloved books in charity shops that no one wants to buy.

These books are so full of knowledge and infused with the energy that was put into creating them and yet they sit there, waiting, waiting, waiting...

'Ah-ha' I thought, why not COMBINE THE TWO! (ok I know that this is not a new idea!!) and give these old books new purpose, a purpose that can HELP YOU!

Ooh YES! - then I couldn't sleep as I was getting soooo excited about it all. 

Your own personal goals book - is made from a book already in existence. A book of your choice which over the course you'll re-love into something new. (Hardbacks work best). I've been using an old Ford Escort Manual that I picked up from Bookbarn for a pound!

Repurposing old books
You'll get to use up all those bits and bobs you've been collecting around the house....

This challenge isn't about buying lots of new stuff. It's TOTALLY about repurposing and using what you have around you. EVERYTHING can have an alternative use!

Old envelopes, cards you've been saving, notes or letters you've written/given is all great stuff to reuse. Get creative! Go through your recycling bin! What can you find?

So this is how the idea was born. 

I'd like to invite YOU to join me. 

So - If you really want to start moving towards the life you want -  Join me!

Here's the plan:

Start Date: Saturday 05 October
End Date: Friday 01 November
    How does that sound?


    About  Me!

    Morwhenna Woolcock

    I am artist, designer, creative adventurer and creative marketing consultant who after working for over 10 years for a large corporate company, left to follow my own path and rediscover my creative heart.  

    I love combining creativity, sustainability and community by breathing new life and purpose into ‘pre-loved’ and recycled materials. I also love to create 'projects' alongside my creations that connect people. Including Bags of Love for Bristol, Love What You Wear, Supermarket Free Challenge to name a few! 

    All these projects have generated press coverage and have led to other exciting things including working with someone I greatly admire, and who was one of the inspirations behind my Love What You Wear project. 



    PLUS as this is a *shiny* new course I'm running it for a greatly reduced price. 

    ONLY £39 (+ £5 for tree option) 
    (Normally £120)

    Start Date: Saturday 05 October
    End Date: Friday 01 November

    Join Here!

    Support Trees for Life - by choosing the 'tree planting option'

    *Joining the facebook group is optional, don't feel you have to if it isn't something that appeals to you. It can be really great sharing though. So do consider it.  ;-)