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Sunday 1 March 2015

Training for B2M. A Walk of Contrasts

On Saturday the plan had been to walk some of the South West Coast Path as part of my training for my Brecon 2 Morwenstow trip in the summer. However, a wet and grey start to the day caused me to reconsider, so I changed my mind and decided to do a local walk instead. When I was at Blagdon Lake last week, I saw some stiles that led through different fields but I didn't know where they went, so thought I’d rather like to find out. Mr CA and puppy came too and it was really lovely having the company. 

Bird footprints or arrows pointing the way?
We didn't set off until the afternoon, by which time it had stopped raining, but the ground was VERY muddy and I nearly got stuck on a few occasions! 

As usual I had my eyes peeled for treasures and we found lots!

  1. Bird footprints in the mud that looked like arrows
  2. The orange and purple contrast of crocuses
  3. Moss – I love the colour and the texture
  4. Rain drops on the water and the patterns they create
  5. How full the lake was compared to my last visit
  6. The bright yellow of some daffodils against the grey backdrop
  7. The old train station at Blagdon and the original gas lamps
  8. Finding a hoard of King Alfred's Cakes!
  9. The factories where Yeo Valley Yogurt is made. MASSIVE – but well hidden behind trees and mounds of earth.
  10. Five wild deer, which when they ran you could see their white bob tails!

Those were just a few.  

The orange and purple contrast of some crocuses
Once at the lake we decided to walk a different way home so in fact walked a loop - via the local village shop where we could stock up on some chocolate – for energy of course! 

This meant seeing other aspects of the village that I've never seen before. Usually I am on the highroad driving though. It was a real treat and I was pleased I’d changed my mind and we'd done a local walk instead of some of the coast path this time. 

Rain drops on the water and the patterns they create
Training wise we ended up walking 7.61 miles and it took 4hrs and 25 minutes. We stopped a few times but not for very long. Using the MapMyWalk app (brilliant) we could see that as a result we’d burnt a total of 1059 kCal (I reckon the chocolate cancelled out any benefits of that!) and taken 16309 steps. Not bad! 

I'm a bit of a lover of moss!
This helps me to figure out how long it will take me to walk each stretch of coast path, which bits of my body hurt during and afterwards and how much rest time I’m going to need. 

When we got home I didn't feel too tired but I did have some sore points. My right leg (the good one) the muscle at the top was rather painful and I had some pain in my left foot (weak foot) – namely my toe and the area at the base of the toes – not sure what the term is for that! I had an Epsom salts foot bath, a rest and a cup of coffee! 

Even on a grey day the bright daffodils stand out
I did have some difficulty getting over one of the stiles on the route. It was rather high and I just couldn't get my leg over it! So I had to climb over the gate instead.  I was glad Mr CA was there to help me, so I'm going to need to work on my agility in terms of stiles! 

Going on this training walk has made me question how much of the Brecons 2 Morwenstow trip I actually want to do on my own. Originally I thought I would be doing most of it solo and maybe being joined for some of it. I enjoyed doing the walk with Mr CA and sharing the discoveries as well as working out the route. So I think I'd actually prefer some companions to join me for most of the trip. 

Have you realised you actually enjoy the opposite of what you think you might? What have you done that has surprised you? Even a small thing? Love to heard from you.

Light starting to fade. Wild deer in a distance

P.S the next Connect To Nature Starts 04 April. Will you be joining us for some creative adventures into nature? 

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