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Friday 20 March 2015

Cut Back to Re Grow

All around where I live I’m seeing hedges cut right back, almost to their roots.

Some looks so severely cut back that I fear they may never grow back again.

But wait. What’s that?

A tiny shoot is starting to grow on what looks like a dead twig. The Hedge is coming back to life. 

It’s in a different shape to how it looked before. More compact, less gangling and out of control.  

Noticing this got me thinking about what things I need to cut back or let go of in order to re-grow.

Re-grow as a stronger version of myself. Discarding the bits that no longer sustain or nourish me. Just like those long twigs or branches that have done their thing and have since died back. Actually leaving them there without cutting back can have a detrimental effect on that plant or tree. As it keeps putting so much energy out to all the different branches they can end up being weaker than if those are removed so it can focus on growing in a more strong and focused way. (hmm sounds like me having too many projects on the go – my energy is scattered! Has very much felt like that this month so far to be honest.)

Today is the Spring Equinox and there will be an eclipse and a Super moon. All things which when converge make for a powerful time to consider the things you committed to at the beginning of the year, what you want to recommit to now – and what you want to cut back and let go of.

This applies to thoughts and beliefs that no longer help you just as it does to physical things.

So why not consider the Cut back hedge today and step into spring ready for those new shoots to emerge?

Nature is a sign post to me and when I am in need of some help with a challenge I’ll often take myself off for a walk to search for clues. I’ll notice what I notice and see what that brings to mind. Just as the hedge reminded me of cutting back to re grow. Answers are all around us if we take the time to look. On the 04 April the next Connect to Nature: Connect to Self online coached course starts. Maybe today is the day you decide to commit to this creative adventure and see how nature can be a sign post for you too?


  1. A lovely post, Morwhenna, I really like your hedge analogy. Might do some cutting and trimming myself to give myself a kick-start into new adventures! :)

  2. Love the analogy! I know I have some pruning to do! Now...onward to Spring!!