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Saturday 28 February 2015

What can Snowdrops Teach Us?

I am currently working my way through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. (I am on week 3). One of the things Julia suggests is going on a weekly Artist’s Date. For my ‘Date’ this week I decided to hunt for Snowdrops

Once I'd decided to do this I thought – where shall I go? Where is the best place to see them? Where in the UK are the most varieties and carpets of them? Onto the internet I went and came up with a whole host of options. Most were either too far away from where I live or were on a National Trust property. Now I do love visiting National Trust places, but seeing as I am budgeting so I can complete my 40/40 list, I threw visiting any of those out of the window. 

In that moment it hit me that actually it wasn't about the big swathes of snowdrops as far as the eye could see. It was about the small details that unless you actually get down on your hands and knees you don’t see as snowdrops heads are facing the ground. Rather like a shy child, not looking up at you but inviting you to step closer and get down on their level. 

I remembered then I had seen some during my dog walks. Just down the lane. Armed with my camera and donning my wellies I went out to explore. 

I found the snowdrops – but they were in the shade at that time of day and on the edge of someone’s garden. Hmmm where else can I go? I thought popped into my head – ‘try the church,’ So off I went. And yes – there they were. Nodding their heads and clustered together in groups like a group of nuns trying to keep warm.

Taking out my camera I got down on my knees and started to take some photos. 

How much detail could I capture? Could I capture something I’d not really noticed before?


I did

I got the Fairies View.

And what a different view it was.

So much more to see. This is just what I was looking for…

Changing your perspective can make all the difference

Is there something you've been looking at from the same angle and need a new perspective? Think of the snowdrop. How can you change your view?

Love to hear from you


[Plug No. 1] Connect to Nature – A series of Creative Adventures start on 04 April. 

[Plug No.2] In fact I was so pleased with my photographs that I have set up a little experiment shop on Zazzle where you can purchase copies of these snowdrops (along with other artworks) made into cards and other delightful items. Yes, I will earn a small commission from any sales (hurrah!) which I’ll be putting towards my Brecons 2 Morwenstow trip this summer. 

My *NEW* Zazzle Shop Experiment! Love to know what you think!

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