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Thursday 19 March 2015

Postcards from a Pilgrim

Your Postcard from a Pilgrim (me) might look something like this!
This summer, as you may know I’m going on a bit of an adventure following roughly in the footsteps of the 5th century Saint Morwenna. A journey of some 177 miles. I’ll be cycling, boating and walking aiming to arrive in Morwenstow on the 5th July. St. Morwenna’s Feast Day. You can read about the full journey HERE.

On this Creative Adventure, I will be creating a daily artwork inspired by something I see, hear or feel. I'm expecting the trip to take 21 days - so there will be 21 art postcards. Each unique and capturing a moment on that particular day. So I am the pilgrim!

Would YOU like to be one of the lucky 21 to be sent one of these special artwork postcards? 

You can by being a Postcard from a Pilgrim sponsor. These unique mini artworks which I will create each day of my journey are £10 each plus £1.50 to cover the postage and paypal fees. 

The postcards will be sent out in order of when they were 'sponsored' so the first person to sponsor one would be the first to get a card. I’m not going to share which day you've sponsored so it will be a surprise as to when you’ll receive it!

Each card will be created and posted on the same day to anywhere in the world. 
All being well! ;-)

Just like the example shown - there might be words too. Either the sounds of the place, words that come to mind as I create or snippets of conversation I over hear. I won’t know how it’s going to look until I’m creating it so each will be completely unique and will capture a moment during the trip from Brecon to Morwenstow.

If you’d like to be one of the lucky 21 people to have a special miniature artwork created and sent to you during this Creative Adventure – please sponsor one below!

You can choose to have the Artwork sent to yourself or a friend anywhere in the world – please be clear in the notes section and please make sure I have the complete address. 

+ £1.50 to cover fees & postage. Thank you x

ALL SOLD! Thank you! I'll be adding photos of the Postcards from A Pilgrim to my site once I've downloaded all my photos form this epic adventure!
The postcards will be strong watercolour card and the materials used could vary from watercolour, pencil, ink to pen. Your postcard will be sent as a Postcard so it will get franked by the post office and will go on it's own journey to reach you!  The image shown is just an example and to give you an inkling of what kind of thing might end up in your letterbox! 

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