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Thursday 26 February 2015

Water Gems

One of the things I love most about this time of year is the light. The way the sunshine makes the rich colours jump out as it brightens up a dull and chilly day. That moment when the sky is a deep dark velvet blue signalling rain is on the way and yet the colours are so breathtakingly beautiful and so strong you have to stop and stare. 

Those days and moments between the rain, wind and gloom as winter slowly steps into spring. Those days I try to make the most of and go out into nature to look for treasure. 

My current treasures are water gems. 

The way the low sunlight hits the water and creates a cascade of crystals. I could see this being a chandelier and capturing the essence of these moments to have at home. A million crystals. 

These moments are fleeting so you need to look and notice what is around you. I am guilty of spending a lot of time wrapped up in my head and my thoughts – either thinking about a current project or new ideas for something else. When I go out in search of treasure I park my monkey mind thoughts and become a detective. I ask myself - what treasure I can find today?  I slow down and really look around me. These treasures are all around us. One of the things about leading a creative adventurer life is to notice these things. This is also a way that I can become more Tortoise and less Hare!

I filmed the water gems. Only a few seconds without any added sound. I also took photos and a sense of calm and of possibility. I find spending time in nature makes me feel more positive. How about you? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? How does it make you feel?

One of my favourite photos from my morning at the lake
In April I will be running the next Connect To Nature course with fellow nature lover, artist and coach Jaimie MacDonald. We’ll be combining art (no drawing skills required), Fun and mindfulness into a series of creative adventures in nature helping you to find your own treasures. We’d love to have you to join us. 

If this sings out to you like a black bird’s song, the full details about the exploration are here along with comments from our previous connect to nature explorers. We have become a family and the effects of taking this 4 week adventure are long lasting. Would you like to join the family too?

Ahh I feel more relaxed just by writing about this and thinking about the water gems. 

Snowdrops are my next treasure to hunt for. I've heard of a place where there are over 80 different varieties…! Who knew there were so many. 

What treasures are on your doorstep waiting to be discovered?

Join us to find out as you can take part from anywhere. 

Connect To Nature Starts 04 April

Have a wonderful day!



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