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Sunday 15 March 2015

The Making of Mr. Moon

FINALLY I am getting around to writing about the Moon we made! 

Me & Mr CA on the Moon!
Here we go....only a few months later than planned!

I love the 1930s as you may already know and when I was thinking about how I’d like to celebrate turning 40 I decided to host a 1930s Speakeasy party. 

This also so happens to be no. 27 on my 40/40 project list

I set about doing some research and one of the things that came up was the Paper Moon that folks would have their photos taken sitting on. The original photo booth! I liked this idea A LOT and was inspired by some I'd seen online. Oh Yes an idea was forming in my head…

'Let’s make one for the Party!'

An original paper moon from the 20s

I’d need some help with this so suggested this idea to Mr CA and showed him some examples.

'Why not,' he said. 'Let’s make one'.. HURRAH! 

This had me jumping about with excitement and clapping my hands together like an excited dolphin. I do that you know when I get excited. I clap my hands together. Anyone else do this too?

So that’s what we did.

Sketching out how the face might look to work out the scale

We worked out how big we wanted to make it and how much wood we would need. Mr CA was able to get one sheet of Plywood that we could cut it out of in one piece – if we angled the design just so. 

The frame came from the old chicken run we had in the garden. Since we didn't have any plans to have any more chickens any time soon – the wood was re-used. 

Cutting out the moon
After a few days of measuring and cutting Mr.Moon was starting to take shape. It was fab seeing it develop!

Testing for size and strength! Yep is OK!
The final stages came then to paint on the face. I looked at a range of different designs on Pinterest for inspiration and then penciled in his features. We wanted him to look more friendly than scary!! Some of the Mr.Moons or Paper Moons as they were called were down right freaky!! I for one didn't want to give my party guests nightmares!

Mr. Moon was finally finished right on the morning of the party. Even though I’d tried to plan for this not to happen it did! I’m so grateful friends who helped with the screen and attached the stars to get it finished –‘just in time’ and it worked a treat! Thank you!

Yep that's me on the moon with the amazing dancers from the Flaming Feathers
It was a lot of fun!

What to do with Mr.Moon now?

He is currently taking up a corner of our lounge and I did consider renting him out for parties and events but after some more thought about the logistics have decided that Mr.Moon is for sale. 

Would you like your own Mr.Moon for a party or Wedding?

This means I can put monies from his sale back into the 40/40 project as I’m discovering that I have expensive ideas and some of the things on my desired project list are not cheap…! 

If you’d like to buy him he is up for sale on Ebay. You will need a van to collect him though as he is pretty big!!

Mr. Moon Measures 
Height 2.2m
Length 2.1m
Seating area & width 0.94m x 0.52m

The moon and the seat were made using 12mm plywood and exterior grade pine for the frame. It is VERY sturdy!

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  1. Love it! What a great idea! Sure made for some fab pictures!