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Tuesday 10 March 2015

The 40/40 Project. No.10 Appear on Dr. Who. (Part 2)

Today was the official, in person, registration day at the casting agency I've joined in a bid to be on Dr.Who. 

I was nervous

I changed my outfit twice before I left the house and I considered if I should have redyed my hair brown, rather than leaving it its current Mermaid green/blue...I left it as it was. I hadn't expected to feel so nervous about this! 

Today was all about getting two professional photos taken and my measurements. On the dedicated FB group page most folks were saying the process took about 20-30 mins so I didn't expect to have to wait long.

I arrived at the venue at around 10.50 and there were a few people ahead of me in the sign-in que. All different kinds of people from some I'm guessing in their late 60s to those in their early 20s. 

I signed in the book and then completed the chit and took a number as well as the booklet of gold which contains all the info I need on becoming a Support Artiste!

The staff on hand were friendly and welcoming and after I'd checked in I was directed to the holding zone to wait with fellow recruits for our photos and measurements. 

It was already pretty busy, I felt more comfortable seeing the variety of people in all shapes and sizes as I did have a concern it would be filled with lots of Model types. Nope! It was all going to be ok. 

I sat next to a lady who I started to chat with and it turned out she has been with the agency in the past and had been in Upstairs Downstairs. She'd had a break for a few years but was now back. 'It's great fun' she told me. It was lovely how chatty and friendly everyone was who was waiting.

I also met a chap who is in the new Poldark series and was also in the TV adaptation of JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy. I was impressed!! 

I was starting to feel a bit more nervous as it was getting closer to my number being called. I know that when I am nervous I tend to get wobbly legs and am a bit more prone to falling over and well generally making a bit of a fool of myself (oops should I be admitting this here....??), as having a weaker left side due to the brain hemorrhage means my balance isn't 100% brilliant at the best of times. I have lots of funny stories I can share with you another time on that subject!


eek that was me..ok walk slowly, I'll be fine I told myself. I didn't have far to go - just to the other side of the room. Next thing I knew I was in front of the photographer and being photographed. I could feel my lips trembling a bit and I hoped that wasn't showing! First was the head shot then I had to stand in a relaxed pose for the 3/4 length shot. Then it was all over!  

I seemed to have chosen an outfit that matched the agencies colours of black and orange. Honestly, I'd not been aware of that when I'd picked out what to wear. I decided against going as a Cyberman this time...

Not so bad after all. 

Next measuring and that was all pretty straight forward too. All the staff there were so super chatty and friendly it really made the whole experience enjoyable. I was even complemented on my Mermaid coloured hair. 

In a matter of minutes it was all done. I had completed the official registration and the photographs would be added to my online profile in about 24 hrs. It was very smooth and fast. 

Just as I was leaving my alarm went for my car parking so that was it, all done and dusted in an hour. 

Now to read the Golden Booklet and await my first casting call! *fingers crossed* it will be a Dr.Who one! Although to be honest I'm actually rather excited about being on anything! This is a whole new and exciting world to me!!

Not that I'll be able to tell you until the programme has aired as there are strict rules around being a support artiste and working in TV/Film. I'll be following the code for sure and did have to check that even sharing this experience was ok. I decided it was. ;-)

Oh and one other thing. I share the same birthday as Dr.Who's assistant Clara - 23 November. That HAS to be a sign. Right?? 

So tell me - when was the last time you Felt The Fear and Did it Anyway? I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone doing this and once it was all done it wasn't anywhere near as scary as I'd maybe created in my mind. How often do we do that? Only to discover the reality is NEVER as bad as our imaginations make us believe!?

Love to hear from you about your own experiences.


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