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Monday 29 December 2014

The Creative Adventurer Cocktail

During my Burgh Island Birthday Adventure I also completed no.2 on my 40/40 list - Have a special 'Creative Adventurer' cocktail created for me by a famous mixologist. Whoop!

I noticed on the bottom of their cocktail menu the words ‘we’d be happy to create a cocktail for you…’ Hello I thought. Here’s an opportunity. I approached the bar and spoke to Gary – the head barman and his maestro Orlando who, I discovered, has taken part in cocktail competitions around the world. Perfect!

I explained my project and the wish for a cocktail.

Of course! We’d love to do that came the reply. Now tell us what you like.

I reeled of a list of things like gin, amaretto, lemonchello, apple juice, Elderflower….it was quite a list, so they had to stop me and say – that’s enough!

Leave it with us…

Saturday came around…

After being out during the day we came back to an anonymous invitation! Ooh exciting!

We got all dressed up in our finery and headed to the beautiful peacock bar. It was really busy already. Everyone looked fabulous! As we took a seat Orlando rushed over with an envelope. For you he said!

I opened it excitedly

It was my cocktail!!!

It felt so exciting and rather exuberant! (which happened to be my word for 2014!)

Next I was beckoned to the bar so that I could make it. Joining them behind the bar was so much fun! 

Gary & I made it together and after he added some ‘magic’ it was ready to drink. It was DELICIOUS!! 

I was one happy 1930s style glamorous lady. If you ever get the opportunity to have a cocktail created for you. Do it! I’d totally recommend it!

Huge thank-you to Gary & Orlando for making it a very special experience. Something I’ll always remember.
Here’s a little film of me in action as well as the *secret* recipe. Enjoy!

The MOVIE!! If you can't see it below - click here to open it in a new window.

Hope you’ll join me (virtually) on New Year’s Eve with a Creative Adventurer Cocktail to welcome in 2015!

Here’s to 2015 – to a year brim full of Creative Adventurers!

Love to you



p.s If you want to know what the magic words are - drop me an email!

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