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Thursday 1 June 2017

[40/40 Project] No. 35 - Appear in a national magazine - Tick

Gosh, what an exciting few weeks here at Creative Adventurers HQ (i.e my small studio) to share with you. If we are connected on social media then you'll already know all about the fact that my article has been published in Psychologies Magazine and that I've been hanging out with real live Puffins on Skomer! (I *think* I met Zoltan - my adoptive Puffin...)

What I hadn't really shared in much detail is just how much writing this article and having it published in this particular magazine means to me. You see, when I was going through my severe depression/breakdown 6 years ago, I was in a very dark place, right at the pit of the black hole. I used to read Psychologies Magazine a lot. It helped.

At first I wasn't always actively carrying out the exercises that I'd read about....Until I discovered I had more control over my mental wellbeing than I realised (appreciate this isn't the case for everyone) and that I could in fact build a ladder to get out of the hole I'd fallen into (with help and support). Small steps forwards (with many backwards - akin to snakes and ladders actually!!) lots of explorations later and I'm here, writing this to you.

Going from someone who wasn't able to make decisions, crying at pretty much anything and completely shutting down physically and mentally to being able to walk into a shop and pick up a copy of Psychologies magazine to see that I've contributed to it is a really, really a big deal. And to think I nearly didn't send off my pitch in the first place...

This also means I've completed no.35 of my 40/40 project! Hurrah!

Your turn - Tell me about a time you've achieved something (or maybe you are in the middle of it now) that makes you feel proud of yourself? I'd love to hear from you x


ps. The article is in the July issue of Psychologies Magazine.
pps. The Island for June is....Avalon! Details on how to sponsor a postcard from this most magical (and yes, mythical) Isle here

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  1. Ok, here's something I've achieved that I'm proud of...I recently founded a charity called Muddy Fork. It's a gardening and conservation-based project for people with mental health challenges. That's my current big adventure! Dom