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Friday 15 January 2016

Up Up and Away....The 40/40 Project No.13

There are a few of my 40/40 project experiences that I’ve not written about yet for one reason or another, one of them being going up in a hot air balloon. It was the most amazing experience and I absolutely loved it! Going up in a balloon is something I've wanted to do ever since I went to Egypt as a student. At the time I couldn't afford to take that trip...so going up in a balloon has been on my wish list for many, many years.

This wish was becoming a reality. Whhooooo Hoooooo!

The first flight was booked for March, however the weather wasn’t playing ball so we had to reschedule. I’d been given the balloon flight as a 40th birthday gift from some of my family and Mr CA was able to join me as Bristol Balloons were running a 'Plus 1' offer at the time. Fabulous! Cerys Puppy and Timmy Cat had to stay at home though...

April came around and with it our second chance at a flight. Fingers were crossed. It was an early start – up and out before the sun on a frosty and misty morning.

We assembled at Aston Court to see if today was a good day to fly.

The test balloon was released. (A standard black party balloon to see which way the wind was heading - very technical!)

Ah the wind would send us towards Bristol Airport...

Not so good. We were all bundled into the land rovers that were pulling the hot air balloon kit and taken to Keynsham Rugby ground instead, hoping we’d be able to launch from here...

The all clear was given and the balloons unpacked. I’ve been to the Balloon Fiesta in Bristol before but have never been as close to a balloon as this and really appreciated just how massive they are!

Everyone who was taking a flight was roped in to help unpack the balloon which was good fun and rather hard work as the balloon is surprising heavy.

The moment finally came when we were to climb aboard and set off….

Once in the basket (it's split into four compartments around a central core where the pilot stands to control the gas) we were told to sit down on the benches and hold on to the ropes as we took off. 

All of a sudden we were lifting off the ground and going up, up, up...

I felt surprisingly safe being in a basket supported by a balloon made of fabric…!

As we rose up slowly the sounds from below changed and even though you could hear quite a lot the stillness of being above it all gave the sounds a different quality. 

As we drifted along the view around us was breathtaking. It was a beautiful day to fly.

Looking down at the landscape beneath us, it took on a new perspective and all the different patterns made by nature, animals and us humans created an artwork all of it’s own. The shadows from the trees creating delicate lace patterns on the ground. 

I really saw a different kind of beauty from this view point.

There were so many amazing patterns to see from this perspective.  It was fascinating.
It exceeded any thoughts I’d had about ‘what will it be like’ it was pure joy, magic, wonder and excitement. 

This was how we landed! We were in the 'bottom' bunk...so to speak and only tipped right at the end. We'd been warned that it might happen. We had to stay there laughing until we were allowed to get out. 
All too soon it was time to land and we were heading over a farmers field so our pilot radioed to the ground team to secure our landing site. Apparently the team usually carry a couple of bottles of ‘something’ to give any farmer whose field their balloons land in as a thank you.

The landing was a quick bump, skid and tumble…It was rather exciting to be honest.

And a couple of photos taken by Bristol Balloons!

There we are on the left at the back! It does look like 'That's not real that's superimposed' but trust me - we were there! And do you see the gas taps - they rather look like cyber men to me...What do you think? 

And Yes I’d LOVE to do it again!

Have you been in a Hot air balloon? Would you like to? It really is superbly wonderous!

Tell me, do you have a wish list/bucket list or some kind of list of dreams like my 40/40 project? I'd love to hear what they are and if I can help you to achieve any of them by coaching you!

Love & Creative Adventures


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