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Thursday 18 December 2014

Burgh Island Birthday

The fun starts here!

Well that’s it. I am now 40. *whoo Hoo* I have officially moved down to the next set of tick boxes on a questionnaire!

To celebrate we went to Burgh Island. A 1930s hotel off the coast of South Devon. The very place that Agatha Christie used to stay and pen her famous novels, along with Noel Coward and Wallis & Simpson, to name a few. I've wanted to go here ever since discovering it a few years years ago. It really captured my imagination. It was coming to the end of my Love What You Wear Project that actually prompted me to book it.

It's a very special place. This is also no.24 'Stay on Burgh Island' on my 40/40 list!

Taking a trip on the sea tractor!
When we arrived we were picked up from the private car park by a 4x4 and driven across the sands as the tide was out. When the tide is in you are transported by a rather massive sea tractor. Of course I HAD to go on this – so later that day when the tide was in we asked the driver and he took us out on it in the rain. It was fun!

The only thing missing from our arrival was a suitably dressed Bell Boy (just like in the Poirot Episode - Evil Under the Sun - filmed on this very Island!)

The sun shines on my Burgh Island Birthday Weekend
The hotel is a bit tired in places and worn around the edges and could do with a lick of paint but to be honest the over all feel of the place was magical. All the staff and the other guests that we met were really friendly. It must be something about being on a small island together and the fact we were all there celebrating something or other (wedding anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoon) and the upcoming ‘Murder Mystery’ celebrating Agatha Christie's book Evil Under The Sun, which she wrote in the Beach House on the island.

Other than a bit of rain when we arrived we were blessed with the most glorious weather which even meant we could sit outside on the Saturday afternoon with two other couples trying to figure out the clues to open the cryptex! It was all very Da Vinci Code!

Have we got the right answer to open it?
I thoroughly enjoyed myself especially getting dressed up for dinner, playing snooker on the original table played on by Noel Coward, having a slightly drunken game of table tennis in my evening attire and generally having fun.  We also tried out the sauna which was very relaxing so think we made the most of being there!

Outfits. I'll confess. I didn't actually make my outfit. HOWEVER they were vintage. 

Friday night outfit and a Mermaids Kiss cocktail. Am wearing a long black skirt with this gold top. 

Me and my very suave looking fella Mr CA on Saturday night.

One of my favourite things was actually going down for breakfast in the mornings. Each day I chose something different and each time it was delicious. oh yes and I must mention the bed. Soooo comfortable! We were in The Mermaid Suite. Yes I had actually booked this a year in advance once I knew there was a Mermaid Suite which overlooks The Mermaid Pool (more on the pool another time!)

The everso comfortable and rather massive bed! Delicious!

The view from our Mermaid Suite. The Mermaid pool. Where Gilda the mermaid lives
It was fun, it was relaxing and it was a fantastic way to celebrate my 40 birthday as well as complete some of the other things on my 40/40 list. More on those in the next post...

A quiet moment in the Peacock Bar. I LOVE the ceiling!

Stunning Island view

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