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Thursday 25 April 2019

[The 40/40 Project] No.9 The completed sketchbook!

Yeah! Another part of a project completed! Yes, ok, I submitted my sketchbook to the Sketchbook Library in 2016, and heck, it's now 2019 - but I've finally put together a little film with the photos I took. I can officially tick that box! *Hurrah & A Happy Dance*

I'd spend sooooo long procrastinating and considering the style and being anxious about getting it 'right,' that I'd forgotten about being playful and just having a go. So here we are - a playful experiment. 

Here's the post about the project and why I wanted to join it - The Sketchbook Project

Ahhhh, feels good to complete something that's been on my mind and to do list for some time...what's next? [I've plenty more to choose from]. 

How about you? What project[s] have you got kicking about that would make you feel better if they were completed? 

To view my sketchbook, sign up for yourself, or just be inspired by the thousands of creative sketchbooks online visit: www.thesketchbookproject.com


  1. What a great Sketchbook Morwhenna and I'm loving the music that accompanies it - brilliant! :)

    1. Thanks so much Scott, I really enjoyed the process of creating the sketchbook and the video! Have to admit I didn't write the music too! ;-)