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Friday 27 February 2015

When was the last time you walked in the woods?

So when was the last time? Was it a few days ago, months or years?  

Among the trees and by the Sea is where I most Like To Be...said Me.

Even though I am lucky enough to have a woodland nearby, it is a trek up a rather steep hill to get there so I don't always feel like making the effort. When I do though It's worth it as there are views out across the Mendips to Blagdon and Chew Valley Lake. If I'm lucky, I also get to see some wild deer and other woodland creatures!

I've yet to string up my hammock in the woods though and hang out there all day with my camping stove...! 

Tell me - Where is your nearest woodland?

What is it called?

Do you know much about it's history?

Who owns it?

I discovered that the woods near me are actually owned by the family who live in the last house before the woods. This also happens to be someone I met recently when my doggie ran into their house and started to eat their cat's food. Thankfully the woman thought it was funny. I was embarrassed though! This happened before I discovered the woods were theirs. 

I'd love to have a Treehouse up there. A hideout that I can go to and stay in now and again. Next time I see them I'll have to ask...

Our landscape has so many stories woven into it and we are all really part of it no matter where you live - town or country. It plays SUCH an important role in our lives. Sometimes though we forget and need some gentle reminders and warm invitations to reconnect with our surroundings. We can gain so may answers by doing so. It really is powerful.

The Connect To Nature course is that invitation. Making that switch to seeing more and appreciating more around us. Even though Jaimie & I aren't therapists we have a deep understanding from our own personal experiences of the huge benefits of nature, art and coaching all wrapped up in to a golden bumpkin. This is what we take your hand and guide you along on this journey. 

This is why we run the course. It can be accessed on so many levels and really is suitable for anyone. We are passionate about the value it holds and really do want to take as many people as we can though the 4 week guided course. If you commit to it and do the mini creative adventures, I would go as far as to say it is life changing, you only have to read what our previous explorers have to say to confirm that. 

You also get your very own tree planted in the Calidonian Forest in Scotland.  So you are growing in more ways than one. 

For the full details go here: Connect To Nature

We start on 04 April. Will you be joining us on this creative feast for the senses?

Hope so. 

If you have any questions please do drop me a line.

Bye for now!


ps why not explore a woodland near you this weekend? 

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