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Thursday 12 February 2015

The 40/40 Project. No.23 Go on a Game Show (Part 1)

Will I get selected to be on Deal or No Deal and get the chance to Open Box no.23? I hope so!

I've applied to go on Deal Or No Deal. 

Go on a Game show is no.23 on my 40/40 list...

I'd spent much time considering which game show to apply for and seeing that Supermarket Sweep is no longer running decided to apply for Deal or No Deal for a few reasons. 

  1. I don't really understand the logic in it - is there any? 
  2. It looks fun! 
  3. It doesn't require me to have a super brain chock full of general knowledge but just to be myself ;-)
  4. Its filmed in Bristol 
  5. 23 is my birthday, there is a special Box 23 on the show, and it's no.23 on my 40/40 project list. That spells LUCKY to me!
  6. There is a chance to win a VERY tasty £500,000 jackpot which would help me complete my 40/40 project, enable me to buy a woodland for my Healing Woods vision to help others and generally fund lots of Creative Adventures! Oh yes!!! EPIC!

The application was quite long with 12 sections and I had to come up with interesting facts about myself, my most embarrassing moment, the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me along with a whole host of other questions! Filling it out did make me chuckle.  

So now I have to wait and see. I'll only get a call if they think I'll be good for the show....Will it be the Banker that calls me?? I'll let you know!

Have you ever been on a Game Show?  Tell me about your experience - I'd love to hear about it. Or do you have a burning desire to go on a Game Show too? 

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  1. Excellent Morwhenna. Fingers crossed for you. In the meantime, thought you might like this article by Jon Ronson on his time behind the scenes at DOND. Jo x