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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Moomin Cakes

I’m a bit of a Moomin Fan. I have a small collection of Moomin Mugs and plates which I love using as they make me smile. I also have a Moomin Cookbook which was a birthday gift from some lovely friends of mine a few birthday’s ago. 

I cooked something from the book for the first time over the weekend and I was impressed! Wasn't sure what I was expecting – if it was more quirk than real good recipes. Well I wish I’d started cooking from it sooner as it is in fact an introduction to Finnish cooking. 

The recipe says it makes 16 muffins. I found the mixture was really only enough to make 6!
I really love trying different foods and recipes and a few years ago set up the Taste The World - A Culinary Adventure Group to encourage myself and invite others to try cooking different foods and new flavours from a different country each month. I've had a bit of a break from this group – but I have missed it so am re-injecting it with some new energy. If you fancy joining the group – it’s free and is here on Facebook. I hadn't intended to write about this group when I started to write about Moomin Cakes, but my subconscious obviously had other ideas! 

The combination of making a sh*t load of cakes for my birthday last year (Hummingbird Bakery Chocolate Cupcake recipe – VERY good) using a food mixer rather than trying to do the mixing by hand and watching the Bake Off series, my passion for baking and cooking has returned.

So back to the Moomin Cakes. The official name is – Fillyjonk’s Muffins to Grandma’s Recipe and they have pineapple in them. They were light, fluffy and tasty. I was impressed. I will be trying more recipes from this fun book. 

According to Moominmamma “Everything Fun is Good For The Stomach.”  That sounds good to me.

I think this could mean that March will be Finland Month…

Fancy joining in on the fun? 

Taste The World – A Culinary Adventure

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