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Monday 17 February 2014

I am an Explorer

And so, are you.

The past few days I’ve been reading about different women through the ages who were explorers and adventurers and I’d been thinking – ah I would LOVE to be an explorer! The excitement, the experiences to be had, the stories to be shared...

This morning, I realised, I'm already an Explorer!

Osa Johnson (1894-1953)
in traditional explorer attire. NOTE: You don't need this to be an explorer!

I’d got it into my head that explorers were people who went off to far flung countries in search of the unknown. They are intrepid, fearless, have a thirst for adventure and are determined. They also looked a certain way and possibly are rather wealthy in order to fund such adventures. (Which Yes, may be true in some cases, but NOT ALL).

Hang on a second I thought...OK I might not have discovered a new island, species of animal or scaled the tallest mountain (yet) but I do have an explorers mind.

An explorers mind?
  • I am curious
  • I have a sense of Adventure
  • I like to know what’s behind ‘that closed door’ in the National Trust Property. (and draws etc...!)
  • I like to find the hidden
  • I relish new experiences
  • I love watching Indian Jones and Jurassic park films (does this count?)
  • When I was growing up I enjoyed reading Nancy Drew ( I still do!)
  • I like to know the story behind things
  • I’m a Sagittarius (Which, if you’re into your star signs is sure enough an Explorer who loves Adventure!)
  • I’ll drive a different route and take a different path just to see what’s down there
  • I am fearless (occasionally)
  • I am determined (most of the time)
Exploring Cranmore Tower after spotting a sign and wanting to find out more! One of my Fav. 'discoveries'
ooooooo I thought. How come I’d not realised this before? It might have had something to do with that false image in my mind I’d created of what a ‘real’ explorer looked like. I’d never questioned it before. Or actually looked at the definition....

This can mean 'new to you' of course. That's actually part of the discovery as your experience of a place will be different to someone else. 

This exploration isn't all about the outside world either. It’s also about exploring inward. Not in a self-obsessed kinda way, rather a way of really knowing who you are. This is also the kind of exploring I’m doing right now too. Yes its scary (will I like what I find?) and it is exciting!

And you don’t actually have to go to the far reaches of the Amazon to do this (although that is a place I would love to see and feel for myself). You can do it here. Where you live. And with yourself.

Exploring new places to have coffee and cake also counts! (of course)
The Angel, in Frome.

The best bit is also the fact that these expeditions don’t even have to be that big. They can be mini, or pocket sized. Everyday can have some kind of exploration to it if we’re mindful about it.

This afternoon I’m going to Salisbury. Each time I've driven there (and this is an annual trip which I've been doing for a good few years now) I've passed a cafe called Mo’s. Today I’ll leaving a bit earlier so I can actually stop and have a coffee (and maybe some cake) there for the first time. 

What exploration can you go on today?

Here’s some ideas:
  • How well do you know the paths and streets where you live?
  • How well do you know yourself? What’s your favourite colour? Your favourite cheese? (I like cheese, my current fav. is Epoisse after having it in Paris last year. We hunted some out on Saturday as a treat. Yum)
  • If you normally have sugar in your tea – what does it taste like without it? (don’t go eugh, with out even trying it!)
  • Try something new to you today.
Every day offers up an opportunity for adventure, you just need to look for it. 


Creative Adventurer & Explorer

Exploring making sound with string at an exhibition in Bristol

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