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Monday 24 February 2014

When is a good day to wear a Tiara?

The Queen Mother wearing a tiara. I really love this photo, she looks very young.
I have a Tiara.

Well, actually it's a plastic one that is stuck onto a cowboy hat I bought many years ago for a fancy dress party. I still have it as I do like a fancy dress party and am also not very good at throwing things away.

This is my tiara! (with additional feathery-ness - is it called Carraboo or something?) 

I came across it a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about the things I’d saved in the past to use on special occasions. Yes I know a cowboy hat with a stuck on tiara isn't quite the real deal – but stick with me here – I’m talking metaphorically.

Truth is, I’d been a collector and a one dayer (as in one day I'll use that or wear that - you know what I mean).
  • I had a stock of art materials – waiting to be used for when I’m a ‘proper’ artist – whatever that means. Lovely pens, pencils, paint and paper never used. Just sitting and waiting. Collecting dust and some of the paint had gone hard so had to be thrown away – only having been partly used. That actually made me feel sadder than had I actually used it all up.
  • A pair of diamond earrings given to me by one of my sisters for my 30th birthday – which I'm sad to admit had only been worn once and had tarnished (I'm 40 this year)
  • Special luxurious underwear which had been bought to wear to a special awards dinner (under a dress!)
  • A feather boa (which I’d been given on my 18th birthday and which had been worn a few times but for the majority of those years has lived in a box. I loved it so much I never wanted it to get damaged.
  • My collection of moomin mugs. Yes I am a moomin fan...
  • Dresses I’d been saving to wear for when the weather was just right. 

Among other things.

Not any more!

A few years ago I asked myself – what am I collecting these things for? What am I waiting for? When am I actually going to ENJOY these things?

I decided.


So that’s what I started doing.
  • I got stuck in to my art box and have great pleasure in opening the pens and pencil boxes and choosing which to use each day
  • I cleaned my diamond earrings and wear them whenever I feel like it
  • The special underwear I’d been saving – I’d err gotten too big for – so I gave that away (charity shops get quite a lot of money for underwire bras) and I bought myself some new sets. Just for me.
  • I've worn my dresses at home – not having plans to go anywhere. I have donned my wellies and taken my dog for a walk. (minus the father boa so far) I've even taken the chickens for a walk whilst wearing a long flowing dress. That was rather amusing. I was standing in the field behind my house in a long dress, bare foot surrounded by chickens (!) when a lady and her daughter appeared, and I thought to myself – am I about to be told off?? But no. They’d seen me with the chickens and wanted to come and say hello. ;-)

All these things are my Tiaras. They make me feel GOOD.

And the great thing about these was that I already had them. All this pleasure right under my nose that I'd not been tapping in to. And the other thing was that these personal tiaras hadn't cost millions (as I'm guess a proper all sparkly real tiara would?) some not very much at all.

I also discovered that these pleasures were great for days when I was feeling below par.  On days like that I’d go all out and wear my red spotted underwear, my diamond earnings, use a moomin mug and possibly even put on my feather boa – just for the fun of it. Just the act of doing those things would bring a smile to my face and help me to look at things from a different perspective. Then things didn't seem so bad. 

You know, this really applies to every single thing you own that is special to you and that only sees the light of day once in a while. It’s not about using these things so you stop appreciating them and seeing the beauty of them, which I know happens if you are on auto pilot. Rather stopping, thinking and asking yourself 'what one special thing am I going to use or wear today?'

So how many Tiaras have you got stashed away? Why not get one out today and use it, wear it and most of all ENJOY IT!

So, when is a good day to wear a Tiara?

The answer?



  1. Heehee you are so right, I'm going right over to put on my favorite perfume and bright red lipstick! Those are my tiaras. Lovely post Morwhenna! I'd love to see a photo of you in your cowboy hat/tiara! that would be a real treat.

  2. Fabulous article, I couldn't agree more (about real tiaras as well as metaphorical ones!).

    1. Yes indeed Susie! Someone I know wears her real tiara when hoovering!

  3. Every day is a tiara day!! Love this post xx