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Thursday 27 February 2014

Beware of UFOs (Unfinished Objects)

Last night I went to the Big Mend in Bath to meet Eirlys aka Scrapiana and do some golden mending. I met Eirlys last year online – twitter I think, whilst in the midst of my Love What You Wear project (not buying any new clothes for a year). To be honest I didn’t get any mending done at all as we chatted. It was fabulous to meet her. She's a real buzz of inspiration and ideas.

One thing that Eirlys said jumped out at me while we were talking about all the various projects we either currently have on the go, have started and not finished or are still floating around in our heads. We are very similar!  Eirlys said ‘you know I have sooooo many UFOs!’ UFOs I said? ‘Yes – Unfinished Objects,’ Eirlys replied. Ha I LOVED that!

So this morning I had an idea.

How about we make March our UFO month?

By that I mean – Visualise me as your Captain Kirkina (if you will), guiding and encouraging you to uncharted planets through all those UFOs where all projects have been completed. 

oooh Just IMAGINE what they would look like!! 

Captain Kirkina at the helm, guiding you through UFOs to planets where all projects have been completed. 

OK a side note: if you have A LOT of UFOs floating around then visualise completing just ONE of these – OK. Don’t want you getting in a tizzy thinking you have to work on every single UFO you've ever started in one month. 

Just think how much brain space this will free up once these UFOs are no longer in your atmosphere? Not to mention more space round your home, and the biggest thing of all - that feeling of joyful satisfaction of getting that project, well, finished? Finally.

Do you catch yourself looking at those UFOs and thinking ‘I must finish that someday’ I know I do as I promptly put it back down!! They get in the way. 

Well intrepid space invaders – that Someday is HERE and it's a whole month - March! *Yippee* See even the Klingons are dancing!

oooooh I’m getting EXCITED just thinking about it. 

So if you’d like to be part of this adventure and chart a course to Planet Completeo (Feel free to create your own plant name!!) then join me by signing up below. Starts 01 March.

YES! I want to chart a course to planet Completeo!

* indicates required

To take part you’ll need to be on my playletter list to get the full info and an invite to my Creative Adventurers Playground where all the action will be taking place. We’ll be sharing our UFOs there and acting as accountability space cadets (??!) to help each other along. ;-) This is FREE. No hidden charges. 

Right – I’m going to jump in my rocket ship and go and check out what UFO I’ll be confronting in March.

Warp Speed ahead!

Don’t let those UFOs get ya!


  1. First of all, anything that references Star Trek TOS gets major points in my book. :) Second, I love this! Business-wise, I've only got one UFO that is soon to be re-launched. Craft-wise, I've got this scarf I've been knitting since December...except that I haven't touched it since December. I think the fact that we've had a really mild winter stunted my excitement to knit, because I knew there would never be a moment when I'd wear it this season.

    But I'm a Creator in the Wealth Dynamics profile, and I have this compulsive desire to create things. I've found that the best way to keep my focus is to write down all new ideas in a pretty notebook, so I can refer to them in the future, when I've got time. That helps me keep the UFOs to a minimum.

    1. Hi Holly! Thank you ;-) Ah ha to being a Creator! I'm a Star profile - with some creator too - as same as you I love creating things and starting this and that...!
      Great that you've found a way to stay focused. Like a tractor beam!!

      So about this scarf then? You thinking you'll come aboard the space ship and get it finished for next winter? Or maybe even as a gift?

      And that sounds great about your re-launch for your business - keep the rocket fuel hot!!

  2. I LOVE this! As you know, I will be dancing all month! I also host weekly S.I.T. Zone Work Parties, where we meet on FB and get projects done! I have LOTS of UFOs, as I LOVE to start things, and feeling the support and energy of other people really helps me finish things. This was a funny and motivating post. I will share it with my peeps.

  3. Yeah! Brilliant Nancy! Yes having the support from others really helps and love to have you and your peeps on board the spaceship 'Lets do it' too!