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Monday 5 January 2015

A taste of what’s to come in 2015!

Happy New Year to YOU!

So here we are. 2015! *hello* 

Hope you had a good break? Time to relax, laugh and eat lots of lovely things?

So what will the year ahead hold for you? 

I've put together a calendar of deliciousness for this year so you can see in advance what I've got planned and what you might fancy joining. Very much hope to see you soon!

Here’s the outline…more things will be happening so this will evolve and grow; see this as the base layer of your creative adventurer toolkit!


Creative Juice January – A Mini Creative Adventure (no juicing involved) – 12 days of creative adventures to kick start the year with positivity and colour. starts 10 January. 
Sign up here



UFO (Unfinished Objects) month & Launch of The Creative Adventurers Club!



- A Creative Adventure on Lundy Island – only 4 places available – want to join me?
- Doors open for my Phoenix Programme. Watch out for details!


Brecons to Morwhenstow Pilgrimage


RELAX and join me for a Creative Juice Virtual Retreat/Festival


Sunday 20th - International Connect to Nature Day


Mini Doodleicious Exploration – Starts 03 October


End of the 40/40 Project – there will be a Celebration!


Creative Juice – 12 days of December and wrapping up the year


Throughout this year I will be working on and completing my 40/40 project. If you can help me with any of them – please get in touch – and/or if you’d like to join me on any let me know! This project is also about connecting with lovely people. ;-)


Coaching & Brainstorming

Would you like some help with getting unstuck or coming up with ideas for a project you are working on? Something tailored exactly to you? Then some coaching or a quick fire brainstorming session could be just what you need ...How can I help you?

If you’d like to work with me on a one to one basis please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!


Here’s to a Fruitful, Joyous and Creatively Adventurous 2015!


Morwhenna xxx

aka The Creative Adventurer

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