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Creative Juice

Creative Juice November!

Are you in a bit of a rut and in need of a pep up? 
Are you wanting to discover how creative you are or need some ways to re-ignite your creativity that has been dormant for…well a long time?

Well pull up a chair, take a glass and let me pour you some Creative Juice! It’s just what the doctor ordered….Dr. Creativity that is!

This November I’m running Creative Juice which is a 30 Day creative exploration to get your mojo back!

Join me for a gloriously abundant and creative November. This is a great way to enjoy autumn in a positively colourful and creative way, especially if you struggle with the long dark nights.

These are daily short bursts to get you exploring new ways of being and seeing the world around you. A daily Mini Creative Adventure!

What you’ll gain
  • Get your creative spark back – or reignite it!
  • New ways of seeing and interacting with the world around you
  • Expanding your mind giving you tools you can apply to all areas of your life
  • A sense of wonder and calm
  • Connect with lovely likeminded people
  • Inspiration for new projects / current projects

What's included
  • 30 days of daily emails direct to your inbox with short creative explorations for you to try. Starting on 01 November
  • These will be a combination of creativity, adventure and nature explorations. In a mix of audio, video & word.
  • Encouragement and creative cheerleading from me
  • A Private Facebook Group.  Share your discoveries with likeminded folks who are also taking part.
  • Option to have one or two skype calls with me during the course for an additional fee
  • Lots of FUN

It’s online so you can take part from anywhere. Why not sign up with a friend and you can do it together?

All for only £22
+ 1 coaching skype* call - £44
+ 2 coaching skype calls - £66

Starts: Sunday 01 November

ps - No juicing is actually involved! This juice is made of creativity, curiosity and adventure. It's fizzy!

*Skype calls are each 40 mins long

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