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Tuesday 6 January 2015

Trust & Satisfaction. My words for 2015

As the New Year starts I enjoy selecting words for the year and focus on what I’d like to invite more of into my life in 2015. I certainly feel choosing words last year had a positive impact on my year so I’m doing it again. Although this time my supporting word is actually more of a feeling.

You see I have the character traits of being more Hare than Tortoise (as in the Aesop Fable) Not so much the bragging – but that speed of the Hare and the feeling that quick I must do that thing/idea RIGHT NOW or it will be lost forever

Sometimes this works brilliantly sometimes not and I could do with being a bit more Tortoise. Slow and steady.

One of the things I've noticed about being ‘Hare’ – I even have a hare necklace that I wore everyday – is that the feeling of satisfaction is short lived. This year I want to create more sustained satisfaction in my life. So as I move through the year I’ll be asking myself – does this thing make me feel satisfied? If yes – great! If No – how can I change it so it does? Or do I drop it?


Trust in myself and that I am supported. Supported by what exactly? Family & Friends, or BIGGER the Universe? I think Bigger. That’s what this is about for me.

Tapping into that deep inner knowing as well as trusting that I’m supported each step I take. Baby steps and trusting that whatever happens is what I need right now. This is a toughie!

Take the Leap and the Net will appear right?

Trust & Satisfaction. These are my words/feelings for the year as it unfolds. I’m curious to see how this will impact on my year.

This year to act as a token to remind me I painted a pebble. This pebble came from the beach at The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. I picked it up when I was there a few years ago. The symbol is what I saw in the pebble as I studied it. Reminds me a bit of that Kite Mark, you know, the one for safety!

How about you? Do you also choose a word you’d like to embody? What have you chosen for this year? Or if you’ve not considered this before – would you like to? I’d love to hear from you!

Morwhenna xxx

Aka The Creative Adventurer


  1. Yeah I can see how you're a hare Morwhenna. Your energy levels and ability to juggle lots of projects has always impressed me.

    I'm definitely a tortoise. Slow and steady. Sometimes that's good because it's a sustainable pace, but sometimes it's bad because I don't jump on opportunities quickly enough.

    Simplify. That's the word that has been screaming at me for months now. Fewer projects, deeper involvement. Focus. Less clutter. Avoid overwhelm. :-)

    1. So if you're tortoise I can learn from you! Its getting the balance isn't it and noticing when being too much one or the other. Next I'll share an opposites game I've just started using for myself to help with this!

      So is Simplify your focus for the year? I think also having Clarity helps with overwhelm. Knowing the next steps as I know I get overwhelmed when I feel I don't know what I'm doing!