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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Christmas Wishes & Stockings Full of Joy!


Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas. Have you been good this year? Will Santa be calling at your house!!? ;-0

If you were to write a letter to Santa now, what would you wish for? 

Why not take 5 minutes out of your day and sit quietly contemplating what you'd wish for this Christmas and on into 2015. It doesn't have to be a 'thing', it could be a feeling or an experience or something else...

What joyous things would you fill your own Christmas stocking with? 

I came across this wonderful short film the other day. And I just LOVE it so wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it and maybe it will give you some ideas...It has given me some. I'm going to learn to juggle for a start!

NEVER stop PLAYING and Make BOLD Choices.

"Never Leave the playground" Stephen Jepson

Merry Christmas

Love from

aka The Creative Adventurer!


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