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Thursday 12 July 2012

Yeah! for the Bristol Wood Recycling Project

Tim and Yaz at the BWRP - Thank you for your help!

HECK! I can't quite believe it's been so long since I'd written anything on my blog! 

I won't go overboard now and write about everything in detail - so will go for a bullet point approach! 

But staring from today and working backwards to the last time I posted.

So, this morning I went to the Bristol Wood Recycling Project to get some...errr...wood for my latest creation. You'll see in a minute that I've made a slight departure from bags..

I met Tim and Yaz there, who were fab! so helpful and it's just such a great place! If you live in Bristol and have never been there, seriously - go and check it out. They have been going since 2004 and are a self-funded community enterprise. 

They are so much more than a wood yard - go see and support them! ;-) 
Here's a link to their website: http://www.bwrp.org.uk  

So much wood!!
So lets see what else has been happening..

*exciting news no.1* 
I've been accepted to take part in Vol.3 of the Made in Bristol pop-up shop!! 

Wow! and I'm meeting Bryony - the lady behind these shops on Monday afternoon. This Vol. will run from 02 August - 25 September...will keep you posted on that!

*exciting news no.2* 
Old desks - would look funky painted
I now have a super local photographer - Lydia Samuel - who is going to collaborate with me on my 'Do what you love' photo shoot!' I'm looking for 10 local people who 'love what they do' to interview them about why they love it and how they've got there, and photograph them holding one of my bags of cushions. Creating an application form at the moment - so if you want to apply..

*exciting news no.3*

I now have a Folksy Shop! and have already had my first order! (thank you Sara!)

Here's the link:


which have my new 'dream time' sleep sachets.

*exciting news no.4*

I've started work on my 'Felt letter art' piece...Life's an Adventure. Using recycled materials. The frame is made from an old pallet (thank you Rich!) and the fabric is shirt material. Is now ready to be finished.

Yep - me cutting some hardboard
- this is the backing for the 'felt art'

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