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Sunday 29 July 2012

Bags of Love for the Olympics Volunteers!

Well today has been spent mainly relaxing, watching the Olympics on TV (Yeah two medals for us so far! - well done Lizzie and Becky!) and finishing my bag display piece for the pop-up shop, after yesterday's epic journey (which all went sooo smoothly!) to London.

Have to say was REALLY impressed with the whole thing and the Olympic Volunteers are just brilliant and are doing a fantastic job! Here's just a few pics of the lovely people we met during the day.;-)

We got the train from West Ruislip (which we had to ourselves to start with), but soon met two lovely volunteers on their way to their first shifts at the Aquatic Centre at Olympic Park.

Katie and Emma - Kindly posing for a photo!
Katie Loves:Swimming
Emma Loves: Walking
Am totally loving the way the Olympics are bring people together. Katie and Emma were the first volunteers we met and they were so friendly, chatty and it was just great talking to them about why they wanted to take part, and their experience so far - which has all been positive!

We got off the train at Stratford, said good bye and good luck to Katie and Emma and then got the DLR to Excel. 

Getting to Excel - we were greeted on every corner by another friendly, smiling volunteer...including this lovely lady...!

We chatted to pretty much each Volunteer we met along the way and they really added to the atmosphere of the day. Good Job I say!

ooh and this is what we went to see....Women's fencing.

Women's fencing - pretty damn cool

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