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Monday 16 July 2012

'Life's an Adventure'

I'm so excited! I've already had some people requesting to take part in my 'Do what you Love' photo shoot and interview piece and I have only really posted it on Facebook so far. 

Can't wait to see who has applied by the end of the month. So please share it - share it - and share it some more! I'm convinced there are 100s of people in Bristol doing what they love - and I want to find them!! (but need your help!).

So this weekend I've finished my latest piece. Not really sure what to call it? 'Felt art' or up-cycled art? am sure it will come to me...

So here it is....I'll be taking this to my meeting with Bryony from Made In Bristol this afternoon, when we meet to talk about Vol3. of Paper, Scissors, Stone pop-up shop. *so excited!!*

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