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Thursday 26 January 2023

Episode 3 UK Islands Project Update: Looe Island & Other Stuff


Hello! I'm back with another update!

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel [thank you!], you might have already seen this video - so feel free to skip watching it again :-D.

If this is all new to you - settle in for a few minutes [bit of a longer episode this one] for me to share the projects updates with you - and as the film references - a few other things that have happened I've included some additional notes below...

Additional Notes & links relating to the update video:

The Majorelle Garden is a one-hectare botanical garden and artist's landscape garden in Marrakech, Morocco. It was created by the French Orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle over almost forty years, starting in 1923, and features a Cubist villa designed by the French architect, Paul Sinoir in the 1930s. 

In 1980, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre BergĂ©, who first arrived in Morocco in 1966, purchased the Jardin Majorelle to save it from destruction at the hands of hotel developers. The new owners decided to live in Jacques Majorelle’s villa, which they renamed the Villa Oasis. 

“For many years, the Jardin Majorelle has provided me with an endless source of inspiration, and I have often dreamt of its unique colours.” Yves Saint Laurent.

On the Instagram there’s examples of the different postcards designed by Yves Saint Laurent

  • Composer Prof. Andrew Hugill

Enjoy a virtual visit to Looe Island created by the composer Andew Hugill, who has so very kindly given me permission to use some of his music on my own short Film about Looe Island

Listen to Andrew’s Looe Island Symphony and read about the story of the symphony here.

  • London Writers' Salon and The Writers Hour

  • The Helsinki Bus Theory – was coined by Finnish-American photographer Arno Minkkinen in 2004 – read the article by Oliver Burkman here  STAY ON THE BUS!! ;-D

Books I mention:

  • Stop Motion – Susannah Shaw [Third Edition]
  • The Island House – Mary Considine

What is the UK Islands Project?

In 2017, I visited a different Island a month, and I am creating artworks, short stories and whatever each island inspires me to create in response to my exploration. To read about the project, go here.

Looe Island is now cared for by the brilliant Cornish Wildlife Trust and you can find out more about visiting and / or staying on Looe Island here: https://www.cornwallwildlifetrust.org... I visited and stayed on Looe Island in September 2017 - yes, I know - It's taken me this long to get to working on it ;-D

Reminder: Done is better than perfect ;-D

Until next time!

Happy Creative Adventuring



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