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Sunday 31 December 2017

Cheers to you! And 2017 in Review

Cheers! Island No.14 The Isle of Skye, November 2017
On the eve of this New Year, I've been reflecting on 2017 and all the highs and lows that this year has brought with it. Overall, I'd say it's been an exceptional year and personally I've upped my courage and completed many firsts, some of which have been really challenging. 

Such as; speaking in front of large groups of people at Bath Spa University and at Watershed, Bristol; completing part one of my UK Islands Project and all that's gone with it (so far) - visiting 14 UK islands actually takes a fair amount of planning!; Having an article published in Psychologies magazine; being on a podcast with Idea Medic Tara Roskell; Interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol; appearing on Channel Islands News (when I nearly said no); receiving a letter from the Pope; meeting wonderful new people & getting to know those I already know better; hanging out with Puffins - not just once but twice - on Skomer & Skokholm; receiving a letter from Prince Charles; sleeping on the top of Glastonbury Tor in a Bivi bag with wild sleeper extraordinaire Phoebe Smith; seeing red squirrels on Brownsea and taking part in a National Trust working holiday (being physically able to do it (just about!); running a series of local creative adventures; having my 'Burn out' artwork in an exhibition as part of Mental Health week; finally having dinner at The Three Chimneys on the Isle of Skye (a desire I've had for over 15 years!); making my first ever Christmas cake (it was a bit over done and the edges burnt but once I'd cut them off, warmed it up and added a dollop of cream it wasn't too bad!) and marking the milestone that it's been 30 years since I had a brain hemorrhage...

Even with all these wonderful experiences (and these are actually a snapshot as there have been many others), there have also been some really dark days in between these golden moments. Days when I've been anxious and depressed with barely the energy or motivation to get out of bed, let alone be skippy and climb a mountain. So I'm also acknowledging them as they've also been a part of this year and really part of who I am at the moment. It's an on going journey after all!

Noticing too that I still spend waaaay too long faffing about and thinking more than doing so 2018 I'll be more mindful of this and well, erm, actually allowing for it.

Going in to 2018 I'm feeling positive and optimistic. I've chosen the word Plenty (so that any time I'm feeling lacking on time or resources or well anything, I can say - I've got Plenty of xxx (time, gumption, skills etc...)

Do you have a word or a feeling you'd like to imbue 2018 with? 
If so, what is it?

I'm also going to continue with my UK Islands Project as I didn't complete the artwork during this year as I'd intended. I just didn't have the head space to do it as well as all the planning and organising that each island adventure and working part-time required. 

Lesson learnt. 

2018 will be about the creating process with the aim of having an exhibition, whatever shape that may take...

I'm also going to be going deeper not wider and a post shared by Judith Morgan (who has just written a brilliant book) has further inspired me to do this. I'll be finishing off things and reading the books I already have rather than buying new ones (I've just finished reading a book I'd bought two years ago...)

How about you?

What are your golden moments from 2017?

and what are your intentions for 2018?

Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to have some creative adventures together ;-)

Much love and creative sparkle


Thank you for being part of 2017 and making it joyful (even on those grey days) as an encouraging comment here and a smile there really does make all the difference. 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you xx

Being on the Channel Islands news whist in Jersey was an OMG moment!

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