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Thursday 11 February 2016

Start at the Start

OK. So yesterday I committed to spending the next 40 days learning how to do a handstand and not giving up. Guess what, this morning some further ideas for a book I’m working on started jumping around my mind for my attention and the handstand commitment was momentarily forgotten. 

Do you also suffer from idea-i-tous? Sounds painful I know. It’s an interesting condition. One where your mind has so many ideas all at once you can’t decide which one to focus on, so more often than not it all feels waaaaay too overwhelming and none of the ideas get let out of your mind and if some do they only get as far as a hastily scribbled note on a scrap of paper. 

As I’m sure you’ve deduced by now this is how my mind works. 

So how am I going to see this 40 day challenge through?

I’m going to Start at the Start

Starting with what I know already. What resources I have, considering what equipment I need and who might be able to help me.

I have the emails for the 28 day challenge I signed up to and last night I tweeted Chris to let him know I was now ready and committed. He responded with some encouraging words and offer of support as an when I need it. Very kind of him.

Having posted about this on Facebook a friend has connected me with a friend of theirs called Ben who actually runs handstand courses in Bristol. He seems really lovely and helpful. Until last night I didn’t even know you could do such a course in Bristol and that Handstands or Handbalancers as they are called, is the new thing. The latest fitness crazy apparently. 


I have to be honest though. The idea of going to a class and learning in a public space does make me feel rather nervous. I’ve not signed up…yet…The question that comes to mind though when I consider this reaction is – How serious am I really about doing this? Surely going to a class would be a good idea regardless of if I make a tit of myself or not? 

Yes good question!

Whilst I build up to actually taking that step there is PLENTY I can be doing each day at home. 

So far I have:
  1. Downloaded the book about how to do a handstand by Chris Salvato and started to read it
  2. Tweeted Chris (as mentioned above) and emailed him outlining my goals
  3. Put all the emails related to the handstand challenge in a folder in my email called – Handstand Challenge. (Note to self: Am I actually getting organised or faffing about?)
  4. Updated the free handstand progress chart that comes with the course with the dates I’m learning and printed it out. I’d much rather see it stuck on a wall than on my computer as it can still be hidden away in a file. I’ve also dug out some coloured stars to stick on said chart each time I complete my daily 5 mins or more on my handstand practice. Where to put this? Decided on my fridge door. So I’ll see it A LOT!
  5. Been thinking about when I can actually do the training. I work three mornings a week with an early start so mornings on those days are out. That means afternoons when I get back home will be better. Before or after lunch? After I think. Then on the other days I’m not working I’ll aim to do my training first thing. Before I do anything else.  Yes I’m happy with that.
  6. What next? Well to get my mat out...

What have you decided to commit to doing for the next 40 days? Juggling? Going to bed rather than falling asleep on the sofa? Eating breakfast. It can be a really small thing.

If you can’t decide – jot down the top THREE that you are considering and just pick ONE.

Then think about where you are with this. Have you tried in the past but not stuck with it? (so you’ll already have some experience) are you starting from complete zero? 

What resources do you already have? What do you need? Be careful with this one. I could for example say I can’t possibly start my handstand training until I’ve a complete lycra fitness outfit to wear and some new trainers, and then it will be – oh, I’ll have to go shopping to get that and can’t go till next week and then I get to the shop and try stuff on and think oh but I’m not quite the right shape for that yet – I’ll wait till I’m fitter to get that….Get where I’m going with this? That would mean I’d have lost at least a week’s worth of handstand practice when all I need be doing is downward dog and some stretches barefoot for 5 mins a day at first. 

Only get new resources if you are 100% sure that you can’t do your thing without them – OK?


Bye for now


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