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Monday 8 February 2016

Audio books, knitting & the joy of new to me discoveries

I’ve recently discovered a love of audio books.

Last year I re-started knitting. First some small hats for innocent to get me started and then on to a bigger project. A Fox Scarf for a Christmas present.

I discovered that I wasn’t actually able to knit AND watch TV at the same time as I needed to keep my eyes on the knitting! I wonder if I'll get to a point of being able to knit and chat and watch TV at the same time? (doubtful!)

Having discovered I was able to borrow audio books for free from the library - downloaded direct to my laptop I thought I’d give it a try. I'm a big fan of the library.
Ooh it’s rather brilliant! (I’m sure some of you are already aware of this treat and have been enjoying this for years!) For me, I’ve discovered a new joyful activity.  

I’ve listened to a few now and my current favourite is The To Do List by Mike Gayle. Being a list lover and also a fan of Danny Wallace’s Yes Man, this book appealed to me. I loved it, so much so I even tweeted Mike Gayle to tell him (love twitter for this kind of thing!)

I liked the fact it was about those ordinary jobs that tend to get put off. Those little niggly jobs that are on our minds but never seem to get done? Not the BIG lists (like the 40/40 list or having a bucket list) things like – getting that picture framed that was bought on holiday a few years ago or painting that piece of furniture picked up at the charity shop….you get the idea? If you've not read it - or listened to it - I think you might enjoy it. ;-)

Actually this isn’t a post just about that particular book but more about the joy of ‘new to me’ discoveries. What are your 'new to me' discoveries?

Are you an audio-book lover? Have you discovered a new joyful activity recently? Or re-discovered a love of something?

Love to hear from you



ps I've been listening to an audio book this morning as I work on my Sketchbook project

The fox scarf knitted whilst listening to an audio book! ;-)

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