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Wednesday 6 January 2016

Happy New Year – New You (Again?) Ditch That and Do Something Different.

Here we are at the start of a new year. All those delicious new days and opportunities yet to be experienced. Tell me, what do you normally do at this time of year?  Have you set yourself resolutions – that secretly you know you’ll never stick to as you’ve gotten so excited by the New Year you’ve set yourself WAAY too many? Or have you abandoned that practice now and take a different approach? Choosing to learn a new skill? I’d love to hear what your ritual is if you have one.

Me, well I’ve been reflecting on 2015 and starting to think about this year and what things I’d like to focus on and complete. I’ll be revisiting unfinished projects with a view of getting things finished this year. One will be finally converting the fleece from my ‘Love What You Wear’project (I’ve bought some carders) and learning to spin that into wool so by the end of the year I’ll have made something from the fleece! Hurrah!

I’m also going to be researching my Family Tree. Two things have sparked this.

My word for 2016 is Family. The majority of my Family are in Cornwall and I’m ashamed to say that I don’t see them that often. This year though I want to change that and spend more time with my family as well as meeting extended family I’ve not met before. I’ve already discovered I have some in Bristol which I wasn’t aware of!! (shocking I know!) It’s a long story and I’m sure snippets will make it into these posts as I go on this exploration and journey.

Have you done any Family Tree research? If so, what have you discovered? Did anything surprise you? And I’m curious - does knowing more about your ancestry change how you feel about yourself?

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about doing some research for a while but have never quite gotten started. How about this year? I know some people have told me it can become rather addictive and time consuming and I think that actually puts a lot of people off. I’m only planning on doing and hour or so a month and using the local Library – as there you can get free access to Ancestry.co.uk which has pretty much ALL the records you need online (I believe!) so you don’t need to go haring across the country anymore to find out details. Bitesize. This is the way I’m going!

As I’m sure you’d expect there are other plans in the pipeline. Of course I’m also going to be continuing to work my way through my 40/40 list and get some more of those completed. Hmmm seems Completion is also a key word for me this year.

I’ll leave you now to consider what things you’d like to focus on this year and hope that I’ll be able to support you in some way or other. Do drop me a note and share what you are dreaming of creating in 2016. I love hearing from you!

See you soon!



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